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3 Factors Could Converge by
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Mark Sebastian

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On May 24th at 8PM ET, join Mark Sebastian and Andrew Giovinazzi LIVE as they break down why they think this Gamma Bomb is inevitable and the 4 ways they plan to position themselves to make a killing when it detonates.

You’ll Learn:
I want you to think about a Gamma Bomb as the ultimate Black Swan:

An extremely rare market event where a convergence of several specific triggers – in a very specific order – light the fuse of a ticking time bomb that can explode in a single day.

The last Gamma Bomb happened in 2018 and blew up a $2 billion dollar ETF…

And as it plunged 97% in the final minutes of the trading day, billions in short-term bets went up in smoke.

Big traders and hedge funds lost a fortune.

But ONE trader saw the warning signs—and made 6,000% off the Gamma Bomb on a longshot, bold bet.

Now, I want you to imagine that the day before that historic event, that trader shared his secret.
A secret that allowed him to grab a 6,000% gain in under a month—simply because they understood how three factors can create a ticking Gamma Bomb ready to explode.

One of these three factors has already happened. I expect the second to hit as soon as July 1st.

After that, the third factor—the final catalyst that triggers the Gamma Bomb—could happen literally any day.

But this time it’s different, because I’m expecting this Gamma Bomb to be 200 times bigger than the last one.

Instead of blowing up a tiny $2 billion ETF…

The coming Gamma Bomb could detonate at the heart of one of the most widely traded tickers in the entire market…

Triggering the worst single-day flash-crash since Black Monday back in 1987.

When you add your phone number here, I’ll text you the name of the 5 tickers I believe the upcoming Gamma Bomb will target.

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(Make 100% sure you don’t own these ticker when the Gamma Bomb hits!)

Just like last time, I expect it to create a historic profit opportunity, and a handful of traders ‘in the know’ could get a shot at a career-making trade.

Mark Sebastian plans to be one of them.

He’s putting $100,000 on ONE Gamma Bomb trade…

And that $100,000 isn’t just his money, but his clients’ too.

So Mark isn’t just putting money on the line—but his reputation as a hedge fund manager.

When asked about this opportunity, he said:

“I almost feel like I’m cheating -- like I’m holding the winning lottery ticket before they’ve even released the numbers.”

- Mark Sebastian

A Gamma Bomb of this magnitude is the kind of Black Swan market event that happens once every 20 or 30 years. And the odds of hitting it just right are against us. Ask us if we care.

If I had to guess, I’d say that maybe 1% of traders would know how to play it, and that’s out of the 1% that even know it’s coming!

We want to show you exactly how we plan to make career-making trades off the Gamma Bomb, and exactly how we’re going to position ourselves before July 1st.

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We’ll see you on Wednesday, May 24th at 8 pm ET.

Talk Soon,

Mark Sebastian & Andrew Giovinazzi
May 2023
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