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7 DEALS (AND COUNTING) SO FAR IN THE Biggest Oil Buyout Boom in US History

Learn the 5 Takeover Targets Up Next

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The fuse is lit on the biggest oil buyout boom in American history.

Take a look at some of the huge deals that have hit in the last month or so…

And we’re just getting started.

In the past, we’ve seen 5-fold windfalls7-fold windfalls… heck, even 10-fold windfalls… in just 30 days… in oil buyout boom’s just like this one.

Now, I can’t guarantee what will happen this time around – I’m just showing you the potential here.

But I believe this one will be bigger than anything you’ve ever seen.

Imagine how well you could do when the next deal hits.

That’s why it’s critical that…

You find out the names of the five firms that could be bought out imminently, today.

In my special presentation – that you can watch in a moment – I give you full details on all five firms…

In the meantime, take a look at a few key details about the firms you’ll discover in my new video…

Dozens of Acquisition Targets Are in Play Here…

Acquisition Target #1:
A $10 Tiny Driller that’s been on a $2 Billion buying spree in the Permian – my projects are a triple-digit windfall in less than a year.
Acquisition Target #2:
A firm with a major presence in the Northwest Shelf — making a transformative $330 million acquisition in the Permian’s New Mexico region, adding over 100 new drilling sites to its footprint
Acquisition Target #3
In the oil-rich Midland region of the Permian Basin, where its chief focus is in the Spraberry and Wolfcamp formations… A recent $4.3 billion acquisition boosted its footprint in the region to 197,000 acres.
Acquisition Target #4:
A major owner in the Permian, with a total of 533,260 royalty acres across the core of the region, including a highly concentrated footprint in the most desirable areas…
Acquisition Target #5:
We’ll give you the name of this target during our presentation – so make sure you bring a pen or pencil. This target in particular gives you the best chance to make money, fast, because it’s headquartered at the very heart of the Permian basin with 180,000 net acres to its name

there are so many more opportunities in play here…

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This is going to be an event of epic proportions.
I hope to see you there,

Garrett Baldwin
Executive Producer,
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