Liz here! I have an oh-so nasty, oh-so-fun story in the works, but I think I’ll save it for next week when we’re back on the show. (This is a bad company with lots and lots of room to tank, so no harm done.)

In the meantime, we just closed out two of our most recent BLEH plays for multiple legs of profits – GM and RDFN.

The longer-term story for these stocks is still horrible, and I want to be holding some longer-term puts over the summer.

Because my power has randomly gone out (I love living in the forest!) I am writing all this on my phone, with a dying battery (It’s the beginning of a horror film!) and I’ll keep it brief.

Let’s hop back into GM and RDFN now…

Just Like The People In Horror Films, We’re Back for More

As you may recall, GM has a bunch of plants closing down in the fall, so let’s pick up some new November puts.

Granted – people are on to us now, and these are moving quickly, so hurry up.


Action to Take: Buy to Open GM November 18, 2022 $27.00 Puts for $2.30 or better.

Enter as a Good til Canceled (GTC) order.

As for RDFN, we already know we’ve got a 12-months collapse timeline in mind for the housing bubble, so we’ll go out even a bit further, to November.

Here’s what to do…


Action to Take: Buy to Open RDFN November 18, 2022 $5.00 puts for $1.10 or better.

Enter as a Good til Canceled (GTC) order.

I now have 11% phone battery, and I think I hear something scratching at the door, so I am going to pick up a kitchen knife and go investigate, because why on earth wouldn’t I?

Hang loose!


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