Liz here – just sticking my head in the door with a double-digit stock gain update….

And a Warlock’s World reminder to catch Kenny in a special main room show at 2 p.m…

Yesterday, when 8-Baller first started messaging me about GROW, it was $5.18. Right now, it’s $5.85 and climbing. (We hopped into the flash trade yesterday morning.)

“If anybody knows a cheaper stock than GROW, let me know,” 8-Baller says. “2.6x P.E. is the number to beat!”

We’ll hang onto this one for a while (you should have June options) – but I realized that we don’t yet officially have the stock itself in our legal tracker. Let’s fix that!

Here’s what to do:

Action to Take:

BUY and HOLD U.S. Global Investors, Inc. (NASDAQ: GROW).

I’ll see you at 1pm with something that will rock your world.

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