Liz here, making scrambled eggs. My husband had a top-secret interview this morning (we’re hoping he will get out of jail soon!) and I felt it was my patriotic duty to make him some eggs.

While I was cooking, I came up with the slogan BEAR MARKET BUCKS, which I immediately trademarked ™. (Be quiet, that’s how it works.)

This week is ALL about making $$ on the short side – so (before you do anything else) you need to sign up for Tom’s Quantum event tonight.

He’s doing a one-time show where he releases tomorrow’s quantum signals for free. And he’ll show you how to use those signals to make money in any market in less than 3 weeks.

Usually, these signals are members-only, but this is BEAR MARKET BUCKS ™ time. All bets are off. Sign up here.

Oh, yeah, and you know who’s also killing it right now? Our man CJ (who I have cast as “Generic, Attractive Chris” in the upcoming Trading Today movie).

Look at these Night Trader gains (and one loss, because we are scrupulously honest):

You can get on board with Night Trader here.

And of course, I have a fresh CJ short trade for you right here – it’s on Camping World Holdings Inc(NYSE: CWH), in case you missed that part of the headline because you were too dazzled by BEAR MARKET BUCKS ™.

Grab that right now.

If The Trailer’s Rockin’, Don’t Come A-Knockin’

CJ was so excited about BEAR MARKET BUCKS that he sent me this trade early. I did not have to deploy the Hamster of Death.

Here he is:

We’re trading a “Walk Down Main Street” stock today with Camping World Holdings Inc(NYSE: CWH).

Everyone knows that I was all over this stock on the way up in the pandemic as travelers were doing anything to “get out there”.

While campers continue to take to the road with their shiny new rigs, the number of travel trailers and RVs piling up on the lots is going through the roof. This is the primary source of revenue and profits for the camper industry.

Sure, companies like CWH will make money selling toilet paper and accessories, but margins are bound to shrink driving stock prices back down. (NOTE FROM LIZ: I knew I was right yesterday in defying Mark and going long toilet paper.)

Technically, CWH just sliced through its bearish 50-day moving average and is now preparing to take the “Trader’s Trendline” (20-day) out. That shorter moving average is also in a bearish trend.

Here’s a handy chart for illustrative purposes:

$25 may be a short price stronghold for the bulls, but CWH has the negative momentum to strike that support down and continue to my $20 price target.

This is slightly expensive, though not too bad, so we’ll put it in the Dollar Slots bucket.

Here’s what to do:


Action to Take:

Buy-to-open the CWH June 17, 2022 $25 Puts using a limit price of $2.10 or better.

Enter as a Good til Canceled Order (GTC).

Oh, and speaking of the trailer rocking … here are the pigs I bought on Nassau Island. I hope you enjoy them, though not, of course, as much as they are enjoying each other.

Apparently (we didn’t find this out until we went there) this particular island is famous for an event where you can swim with pigs in the tropical waters. Poor man’s dolphins, I suppose.

Don’t forget to sign up for Tom’s quantum event tonight! This is the single most important thing you can do to score BEAR MARKET BUCKS ™ this week.

I think I see CJ’s GOLD puts shaping up for a partial exit, so I’ll talk to you again very shortly. Also, check out our NFLX puts! We got in at $0.50. Movin’ and groovin’.

Hang loose and enjoy the freefall!


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