Rappers and Mustaches and Spiders, Oh My

Trading comes first, but for Mark Sebastian, killing spiders is a close second:

May the best mustache win (we vote Voz):

A big thank you to the Money Morning Live resident chat rapper…

And finally. fun and games (and big profits) with Voz and Kenny:

Speaking of Kenny…

Kenny’s Ready to Crush This Earnings Season – Get a Special Deal to Join Him

Earnings season is Kenny “The Warlock” Glick’s favorite time of the year. Between big volume and big volatility, it’s the perfect storm for the VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) to find profitable trades.

Take, for example, Bank of America (BAC) – which reported earnings on Monday, July 18.

The stock price broke through the VWAP around $32. Then, it went up to $33. That’s a $1-per-share pickup.

Even on just 100 shares, that’s a $100 profit. And Kenny’s Warlock’s World members were in that trade for less than one hour…

Kenny’s got thousands of plays coming over the next six weeks. Learn how to join Warlock’s World here – click here to find out about a special deal you can take advantage of to join him.

To all of our Trading Today Premium members, have a great weekend.

To your success,

Bob Keppel
Publisher, Money Map Press

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