Liz here, missing Tom’s Ghostbusters team, who are out of pocket today…dealing with ectoplasm, I assume.

Pip and I are having a bit of a rough day as well, so I’ll keep this brief.

Mark gallantly stepped into the breach with a play on a stock that’s, in his words, “been on a one-way trip to pooptown lately.”

Mark is just full of great one-liners (the headline is one of them).

He sees a short squeeze move to the upside coming…

If I Felt Better, I’d Make Tons of Jokes About Buying A Cheap Stock on Wish

Mark’s play today is ContextLogic Inc (NASDAQ: WISH), the shady ecommerce platform that’s the brunt of endless jokes like these:

You get what you pay for, evidently.

And Mark has this question:

“Why is someone paying .44 for calls on a stock that costs $1.95?”

He then went on a mini-Slack rant:

“The stock has been on a one way trip to pooptown. The stock is moving more than the options.

“This could be in line for a short squeeze higher on the next strong market move”.

Just in case, I asked him if he had any options he liked – and he responded scornfully with my headline.

“It’s a $1.95 stock. Buying options is for stupid people on a stock that cheap.”

OK, then.

That’s a pretty easy Nickel Slots:


Action to Take:

Buy and Hold ContextLogic Inc (NASDAQ: WISH).

I’ll be back tomorrow with your MONEYSCORE and, as always, a Supremely Unhelpful Movie Review.

Hang loose!


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