Liz here, eating buttermints. You know, these nasty, chalky, powdery things that they used to serve at weddings in the 90s.

They don’t even sell them in stores anymore and I have to order them on Amazon. (Pretty sure the ones on Amazon are just leftover stock from the 90s.) WHY, PIP? WHY?

I can’t wait for this child and his strange food preferences to get out of my belly.

I’m also sitting here waiting for CJ to send me today’s trade, and in the meantime I though I’d entertain you with his current track records for Night Trader and Penny Nation. Behold:

  • Night Trader: average gain of 22.83% per trade, 72.43% winners on 185 trades
    Penny Nation: average gain of 9.74% per trade, 64.29% winners on 112 trades

If you missed out on CJ’s free Night Trader session yesterday, sorry about that, go eat a buttermint – but you can learn more about how it all works right here.

Ah! There we go, literally – here’s CJ with some brand-new calls on Grocery Outlet Holding Corp (NASDAQ: GO).

Head over here to get them…

CJ Hops On GO

GO shares are following a familiar pattern ahead of their earnings announcement next week on August 9….

Since moving into an intermediate and then long-term bull market at the beginning of the year, the stock has seen rallies fade ahead of earnings as traders have taken some risk off from the stock.

We’re seeing that similar activity this week and last as shares leveled off and then touched the bullish 50-day moving average.

Options traders have been quiet as both puts and calls have been lightly traded. That said, there is some sign of support at the $40 level from a small amount of put open interest and the round numbered price.

While not extreme, the stock’s Bollinger Bands are tightening. This indicates that we may be looking at a volatility breakout on any good news from the earnings report.

Food related stocks like CALM, SFM and others have been relative strength leaders in the market given their “staple” qualities.

Like Sprouts Farmer’s Market (SFM), GO is a short squeeze candidate as it heads into the report with a trigger price of $46.

Short-term forecasts see the stock overtaking that price and continuing the rally to a target of $50.

Here’s what to do…


Action to Take:

Buy-to-open the GO September, 16 2022 $$45 Calls using a limit price of $2.65 or better

Enter as a Good til Canceled (GTC) order.

Liz again! I’ll be back tomorrow with a new Tom trade for Money Calendar Friday.

Hang loose!

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