Liz here, panic-building a deck railing! When we bought our house in the forest, it came with an enormous back deck as big as the house (sweet!) which for some reason had no railing (less sweet). The inspector looked skeptically at it and said “Yeeeeahhh, that’s not up to code.”

We dodged the Great Railing Issue for about eight months until we had our first large summer barbecue, at which point a large summer guest tipped his deck chair over backwards and fell four feet into the forest.

I will never forget seeing his large legs (in white socks and black shoes) tipping up gracefully as he disappeared into the woods head over heels.

Now, we are panic-building a railing, because our child’s fifth birthday party is coming up in two weeks, and I can already see a whole row of little legs and feet tipping up in the air as ten kindergartners disappear backwards into the forest.

SPEAKING OF PANIC, you still have a tiny bit of time to join Mark’s Inside Money Trader before his first-ever live session tomorrow at 3pm…

His first Inside Money Trade has cleaned up, by the way. Look what Laura, his editor, posted in our “Big Winners” Slack channel:

First Trade: PBR November 18, 2022 $13 Calls
Bought for $0.75 on July 25
Sold half at $1.06 on July 29: 41% in four days
Sold 25% at $1.50 on August 1: 100% in one week
Sold 25% at $2.15 on August 8: 187% in two weeks
Weighted gain: 92% in two weeks

You can and should hop into Inside Money Trader (which you can still get for only $49!) right here.

And you should ALSO go right here to get CJ’s latest short trade on MU, which he likes so much he wants a piece of it himself. “Let me know when I can trade this, please,” he said, all puppy-dog eyes. “I want in on the trade.”

The rule is, of course, that you guys get it first, and he doesn’t get to jump off the deck till a good few minutes afterwards. Sorry, CJ.

Go here now to grab it…

CJ’s Quick Notes on MU

You should have taken off a nice double-digit win in just a couple of trading days on CJ’s GO play this morning, so now let’s jump back in for more BIG BUCKS FROM CJ ™.

Here are the notes he sent me (I put in the bullets, a part of my job as editor that I take very seriously).

  • Relative strength laggard in the semis.
  • Stock is breaking both its 20- and 50-day moving averages.
  • $60 is a key “swing price” for MU pricing back to 2018-2020 (Market Muscle Memory)
  • Earnings out of the way until 9/28, so no earnings risk.

Here, also, is the chart, in living Technicolor.

And here’s what to do:


Action to Take:

Buy to Open the MU Sept. 16, 2022 $60 puts using a limit of 2.55.

Enter as a Good til Canceled (GTC) order.

My husband has just sent me a panic text from the hardware store with many pictures of deck railings that all look exactly the same, so I’ll sign off here. I’ve got a Mark trade for you tomorrow (and don’t forget, his first live Inside Money Trader session kicks off at 3 pm).

Happy Monday, and hang loose!


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