Liz here, feeling like a baller. I took my large child to Wawa and allowed him to assemble his own custom hoagie on the touch screen. (Tell me you live in Maryland without saying you live in Maryland.)

He was very proud of the hoagie (which mostly consisted of pepperoni and mayo) and kept finding excuses to say the word “hoagie” for the rest of the evening. I felt like Mom of the Year for introducing him to this enriching experience.

If you, too, want to feel like Mom of the Year, or at least like a baller, or at least like you’ve learned the word “hoagie” for the first time, then make sure you’re there on Thursday to grab Mark’s next Inside Money Trade.

It drops at 12 noon on the 28th, it will cost you $300 or less, and it’s designed to make you 1,000% over the next 21 days. I said what I said.


In the meantime, I got CJ to hook me up with a new trade for you – one he calls a “Bizarro World” trade, which earns it immediate hoagie points in my book.

He’s also getting into it himself later today, which gives it the official Good Trade imprimatur.

This Is CJ’s Brain In Bizarro World

We’re trading Infosys Ltd ADR (NYSE: INFY) in a post-earnings drift that will see the stock break below its $17.50 trading range bottom.

This is one of the “Bizarro World” trades that I am watching play out.

The company reported earnings two days ago with a slightly positive guidance on their revenue.

Problem is that the company is also reporting margin squeezes that will move forward as well… this is a “more is less” trade and the market is actually reading it that way.

Technically, this is a stock that has been trying to hold on to its range for the last quarter with a trading range bottom at $17.50.

Problem with that is that the stock just signaled bearish from my Night Trader momentum and breakout signal. This tells me that the pressure overhead will break through $17.50 and lower as momentum builds.

August options provide little in the way of sentiment support as the puts are heavy at the $18 strike and then drop to nothing according to my open interest configuration chart.

September’s provide even less support as the puts are thinly traded.

Here’s how I position myself, and yes, I am buying these puts later today to give folks an opportunity to get in first.

Here’s what to do…


Action to Take:

Buy-to-open the INFY September, 16 2022 $18.00 Puts using a limit prices of $0.65 or better.

Enter as a Good til Canceled (GTC) order.

Isn’t CJ a gentleman? (Liz again!)

I just realized that our “Bleh” trade from last week didn’t get logged in our legal tracker because it was missing the year (2022, duh!!) so I’m going to hop off and get you a corrected Action to Take (I may also raise the limit price a little, because this baby has started to move our way).

Stay tuned, hang loose, HOAGIE!


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