Liz here, with a quick crypto flash trade from Nick!

Nick Black quickly Slacked me this slick pick, and you should take the tip. OK, I’m done now.

Here’s what he sent me. And yes, the evil laugh was included, and spelled exactly as I have it here.

Ok, here’s a trade (6-13 month hold) for the group – FIL (Filecoin) just partnered with Harvard. They do decentralized file storage.

It’s a huge problem in our society, for humanity even. The token is below $9. High last year was $235, I think it gets to $30-$50 next 12 months.

I had my Digital Heavyweights looking at FIL at $6 … muahahahh.”

Digital Heavyweights is, of course,

 Nick’s private crypto group where he hands out the same type of crypto recommendations he finds for his institutional clients. (He also makes a s*** ton of money.) You can get on board here.

This is a bit of a short issue today, because a) it’s a flash trade and b) I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions! Congratulations on your CJ win earlier this morning – next, I’ve got my eye on Garrett’s SBLK strangle.

Hang loose!


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