Liz here with your main trade – about 4 hours early….

8-Ball just sent me over an urgent flash trade that he wanted me to shoot out before the open, so HERE YA GO.

“We’re looking at Mullen Automotive (MULN),” he said. “The company is in talks with a couple of major OEMs about their battery technology…and the weekly chart is ‘talking’ to me.”

This is a tiny little penny stock trading under $2 – and 8-Ball wants you to buy the stock AND pick up some super cheap calls.

“Our first target for the stock is $3.10 and our second target is $5.50,” he said.

“We’ll update this to sell calls against it to mitigate risk,” he said. But at 40 cents, there’s not a whole lot of risk even for the options. And some crazy potential upside.

Sounds like a plan.

Here’s what to do…

Buy MULN Stock And Calls

Actions to Take:

1) Buy MULN stock at $1.43 or better. Set a stop loss at $1.23.

2) Buy-to-open MULN January 20, 2023 $2.50 calls for $0.45 or better. Enter as a Good til Canceled (GTC) order.

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