Liz here with an unexpected flash trade from 8-Baller! He wants us to hop into SKYX Platforms Corp
(NASDAQ: SKYX), both the stock and the options.

According to this excerpt from Bloomberg (which he kindly sent me), “The equity lockup for Skyx Platforms Corp. expires on Aug. 9 following its $23.1 million initial public offering. Underwriters restricted sales by the company, directors, executives and some or all stockholders for 180 days. The offering of 1.65 million shares priced at $14 on Feb. 9.”

This is a “buy the dip” moment where he sees it headed to $10.

Here’s what to do…

Pick Up Stock And Options On SKYX

Actions to Take:

  1. Buy and hold SKYX Platforms Corp (NASDAQ: SKYX).
  2. Buy to Open SKYX January 20, 2023 $5.00 Calls at $0.35 or better. Enter as a Good til Canceled order (GTC).
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