Liz here, fast like the Flash! I just got a quick, secret message from 8-Baller (our newest Options NASCAR contestant!)

Oh, and speaking of Warlock’s World -this is a big week for Kenny. He’s got a special class on Saturday, plus all kinds of extra events in the main room this week – make sure you catch him at 1 on Money Morning LIVE today.

Kenny’s secret weapon just Slacked me, “The cheapest way to play airlines is U.S. Global Investors, Inc. (NASDAQ: GROW). They own the JETS ETF, and the stock trades for a single digit multiple of free cash flow – it also pays a MONTHLY dividend.”

This is a $5 stock so it’s a grower, not a shower (that was for you, Andrea).

8-Baller says: “2 trades here. Buy stock and sell June $7.50 calls to mitigate some risk…or buy June calls.”

Here’s the option all written out for you, because I’m nice.

Action to Take:

Buy-to-Open GROW June 17, 2022 $5.00 calls for $1.20 or better.

Enter as a Good til Canceled (GTC) order.

I’ll see you back here at 1, or so, with a brand-new CJ trade!

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