Liz here with some hopefully fast BEAR MARKET BUCKS ™!

I planned to feature Garrett in a full-length article today, but he jumped the gun and sent me an urgent Flash Trade on Upstart Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: UPST).

This is one of those companies that invasively look into your social media in order to assess your creditworthiness (if you don’t have traditional credit). Super creepy.


That perks up my ears, because I’ve already been looking into “alternative data” companies for an upcoming “BLEH” play and I’ve got my eye on a different one that I’ll probably release next week. I always feel safer when Garrett and I are on the same page. Don’t you?

So, consider this a “BLEH” teaser as the world continues to burn…

“If the Thursday pattern continues,” Garrett says, “this is going to collapse tomorrow.”

Here’s what to do…

Buy Short-Term UPST Puts

Note from Garrett: “This is aggressive.” Fair warning, sir.

Action to Take:

Buy to Open UPST May 20, 2022 $25.00 Puts for $1.00 or better. Set a trailing stop of 30%.

Enter as a Good til Canceled Order (GTC).

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