Liz here, reading about Morgellon’s disease! In case you don’t feel like looking it up, it’s a “controversial condition involving skin lesions and the belief that the skin is infected by bugs and other objects like string.” You’re welcome!

It’s suspected that Morgellon’s sufferers get clothing fibers trapped in minor scratches or cuts, which they then keep on scratching and infecting, eventually coming to believe that their skin is literally sprouting foreign objects.

I feel that my abdominal skin has been infected by a large foreign object the size of a basketball, so I’m sympathetic!

I’m also sympathetic to you, because – if I’m looking at my secret spy website correctly – you may have missed Mark’s inaugural “Inside Money Trade,” which dropped this morning at 11 am.

Fortunately for you, he’s got another one scheduled for Thursday, so you’ve got time to get in ahead of that one now.

There are just two Inside Money Trades every week, but they are well worth it, and may even distract you from the minuscule fibers sprouting under your skin.

Each one targets gains of 3X, 5X – even 10X – in just 21 days…

Using tiny trades of $300 or less.

Again, you’ll have a chance to get into trade number two on Thursday (so go here now)…but in the meantime, I got Mark to send me a consolation spread.

Go here now to grab it (and to see a picture of a metal hamburger from 1884).


“We have been seeing money pile into bull positions in NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), formerly National Cash Register,” Mark says.

This is actually a fascinating company because it was established in 1884 to make and sell the FIRST-EVER MECHANICAL CASH REGISTER.

The cash register – which had been invented in 1879 and went by the name “Ritty’s Incorruptible Cashier” – looked like a cumbersome metal hamburger, and was wildly expensive for the time ($50!).

There were only about a dozen cash registers in use in the U.S. at the time that the National Cash Register Company took over the patents and manufacturing in the early 1880s, but NCR made good. (So good, in fact, that by 1913, they were being prosecuted under the Sherman Antitrust Act.) These days, they operate all kinds of credit card machines, ATMs, point-of-sale machines, and the list goes on.

Fast forward to today…big money is long NCR, and Mark is too.

“IV is sky high, which is why they are buying call spreads,” he Slacked. “Stock is probably going to 40, or might get bought.”

He then sent me his usual three pictures: two of stock and IV charts, and one of the options activity.

Mark wants us to piggyback on the inside move with a nice cheap spread, so that’s what we’re going to do…


Action to Take:

Buy to Open NCR October 21, 2022 $35 Calls and on the same order ticket, Sell to Open NCR October 21, 2022 $40 calls. Pay up to $1.50 for the spread

Enter as a Good til Canceled (GTC) order.

Don’t forget, the real inside money comes out to play this Thursday, so sign up for Inside Money Trader before then (and sorry you missed your first go-round this morning).

I’m trying to wangle you a new crypto trade from Nick Black for tomorrow, so stay tuned and hang loose.


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