Liz here, with a mind-blowing jail story. My husband legitimately came home from work giggling yesterday (in an environment full of mace and shanks, this rarely happens). You will be giggling too, when you hear what Officer Jenkins did.

If you’re part of Inside Money Trader, you’re likely feeling gleeful this morning anyway…

Mark’s first official INSIDE MONEY TRADE just cleaned up. Laura, his editor, Slacked me over the following INSIDE INFORMATION, which will likely blow your mind as much as it did mine:

On Friday, July 22, one big-money trader bought 59,000 PBR call spreads. The following Monday, the gravity effect came into play…

Another customer bought 40,000 call spreads, and another bought 7,500 calls.

And Mark piggybacked the big money traders with the PBR November 18, 2022 $13 Calls:

– Bought for $0.75 on July 25
– Sold half at $1.06 on July 29 (41% in four days)
– Sold 25% at $1.50 on August 1 (100% in 1 week)
– Remaining 25% is still riding higher

Fun facts:

  • You only needed $75 to get into this trade. Four contracts would have cost you $300… and right now, you’d be sitting on $723.

Mark will have another Inside Money Trade coming out this week (Thursday, I think?) and you still have time to get in – check it out here.

He’s also got a brand-new free trade to kick off your week – go here to grab it.

Why Would You Do This?

Jail is not good for you. Do not go to jail if you can possibly avoid it. (My husband reckons that over the course of his five-year career there, he has so far served the equivalent of a 2-year sentence for burglary.)

So, yesterday he came home giggling. He said, “Wait till you hear what Officer Jenkins did this time.”

Officer Jenkins is known for mildly inexplicable behavior. He works on a different shift and has never interacted directly with my husband, except for one time when he came up to him very aggressively and said “You NEVER talk to me, McNulty! You never even call me on the phone!” and then walked off in a huff.

Not surprisingly, Officer Jenkins is listed as “Single” on Facebook.

Except, he is no longer Officer Jenkins…

Officer Jenkins has paid $1200 to officially, legally change his name to a mashup of two anime characters. It is not “Gladiolus Bluesy Fluesy,” but is something that is equally ridiculous.

They had to actually print him out a new brass name tag saying “Gladiolus Bluesy Fluesy,” and make an announcement at roll call that everyone would now need to address him on the radio as “Officer Bluesy Fluesy.”

A far better use of $1200 would be to put it into one of Mark’s trades – see below.

Mark is going short Affirm Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: AFRM), a fintech stock with some suspicious big money action.

He Slacked me: “We have a trader that was right, closing the 30 puts and rolling down to Aug 20s. $4500 total on the day. Plus, we have a trader buying the Aug 18 puts.”

And sent me a picture:

“The stock has had a mini rebound, and HV at the 10 and 20 are outpacing implied volatility,” he said.

He’s buying some August puts, and suggests that you do so as well. My unofficial, arbitrary cutoff for Nickel Slots is $2, and these are getting so close into that neighborhood that we might just as well call them Dollar Slots.

Here’s what to do…


Action to Take:

Buy to Open AFRM August 18, 2022 $25 puts at $1.95 or better.

Enter as a Good til Canceled (GTC) order.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new trade from someone (I haven’t quite decided who I’m going to stalk and capture yet).

Hang loose!


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