Liz here, with a bear market roundup! I went to the tropics and brought you all back a little present – a Dow freefall. Hope you liked it!

Granted, things bounced back a little bit on Thursday and Friday – but over the first 4 days of the week, you grabbed a total of 7 profits on the short side. Here’s all the money you made.

Of course, you scored a ton more cash if you were trading with Mark in Profit Revolution. The man CLEANED UP this week.

Look at this doozy of a track record (this is all from this past week, between May 9th and May 12th).

Some of the biggest gains happened in less than a day.

In fact, this week, if you put $500 into every one of Mark’s trades since Monday, you would have walked away on Wednesday afternoon with $7,360.

Not to take anything away from our own BEAR MARKET BUCKS bonanza, but…that’s pretty stellar.

You can join Profit Revolution right here (P.S….Mark also knows how to make money on the upside, unlike me.)

Now, of course, on to all the money you made right here for free….and, as ever, a supremely unhelpful movie review to kick off your weekend.

Seven Gains for Seven Brothers

PSYCH! The movie review will not be the glossy MGM musical that prettied up the Roman rape of the Sabine women.

Here are seven rounds of cash, though… starting with Monday, the day I got back.

May 9th: PROFIT ALERT: Take 62% on KSS

May 10th: PROFIT ALERT – Close Out KSS for 62%

Also May 10th: PROFIT ALERT: Take 38% on GOLD

May 11th: PROFIT ALERT: Close Out GOLD for 37%

Also May 11th: Garrett opened a bonus FLASH TRADE: Short UPST – and then four hours later, sent us a 47% PROFIT ALERT: Close Out Half Your UPST Puts .

Also-also May 11th: PROFIT ALERT: Take 50% on NFLX

May 12th: PROFIT ALERT: Take 84% on NFLX

There you go. Congratulations. Take your recently graduated relatives out for dinner. (I know you’ve got some.)
That brings us to today’s Supremely Unhelpful Movie Review:

PSYCH! We are not, in fact, reviewing the Dustin Hoffman classic “The Graduate,” but rather, this 1954 potboiler starring a much younger Mrs. Robinson.

Here is the trailer on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Mrs. Robinson screams like a banshee. That’s really all you need to know about the movie.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.


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