Liz here! This week was all about Tom – as we closed out two separate, big, fat spreads. Head over here to see how much you made.

Let’s talk SCHEDULING now, because that is both sexy and fun…

On Monday, two important things are happening: 1) I have to go register my large child for kindergarten (this doesn’t affect you) and 2) Mark is sending out his first ever Inside Money trade. (This DOES affect you, a lot.)

The trade will come neatly packaged as a Video Alert, and in it, you can watch as Mark demonstrates exactly how to place a simple call or put trade under $3

With the potential to pay out 1,000% in a few weeks’ time.

This trade comes straight from the devious minds of the Inside Money on Wall Street, and the best part is, they’re clueless that Mark is doing this. (Devious and clueless is a bad combo, as my husband observes firsthand every day in jail.)

Sign up right here before that first set of video instructions hits on Monday morning…

And go here to see how much absolutely free money you scored this week – plus, as always, a Supremely Unhelpful Movie Review.

All The Right Moolah

On July 19th, you took off your first triple digit gain in a minute – on, of all things, a tech call spread. (I’m still a little salty about Tom’s bullish tech outlook right now.)
PROFIT ALERT: Take 180% on Your INTU Call Spread
Then, just 3 days later on July 22nd, we followed that up with a tasty little Costco sample:


We closed out both of those spreads entirely, but lucky for you, Tom has just hopped into a new one – he’s long NVDA and sees this trade headed up 104% or more. More calls on tech! Ugh!

Speaking of “Stranger Things,” I’m very late to the party, but I did notice the Tom Cruise film “All The Right Moves” featured as a plot point in season 1, which I just finished. And that somehow took me to an even stranger place,,,

I invite you to read this fascinating profile of the lookalike actor who parlayed his unfortunate resemblance into a career as the “deepfake Tom Cruise.”

Basically, this guy (Miles somebody) looks enough like Tom Cruise naturally that when the deepfake code is overlaid onto him, he is indistinguishable from the real thing, and he’s created a series of viral, wholesome TikToks of scenarios like Tom Cruise discovering bubble gum and ice cream.

Miles calls deepfake technology “morally neutral,” which is, frankly, more than I can say for Scientology.

Have a morally neutral weekend!


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