Liz here, still scratching my head. Behold, this cryptic interaction with Instacart from last night.

I replied back nicely and said no, that was not the substitute that I would have immediately picked, and could he look for a different brand of chicken?

Because the Personal Shopper’s name was Zory, I also found myself picturing the entire conversation taking place with Zoroaster, which made it so much better.


Anyway, Zory picked me some chicken, and Nick Black has picked you some crypto. You can imagine these “Quick Picks” being delivered in the voice of Zoroaster, too, if you like.

Nick goes live tomorrow morning in his Digital Heavyweights private room, where he’ll be digging deep into crypto portfolio building – the same kind of hands-on asset management and guidance that Nick gives his institutional clients. Make sure you’re signed up before then.

Nick’s kind of a big deal in crypto, and I’m honored that he handed me these Quick Picks right before a live session…

All Images From Coinbase Despite The Fact That I’m Short COIN

I m nothing if not a hypocrite, perhaps one reason I need the guidance of ancient Persian prophets.

Nick Slacked me these two quick picks – one light, one dark. Here you go:

Nick’s Good Pick

“Matic is an example of buying quality infrastructure tokens … up over 100% from a little over a month ago.”

Here is the image I stole from Coinbase:

Nick’s Bad Pick

“The obvious laggard is ALGO (my opinion).”

And finally, a bonus philosophical remark: “Or we could talk about how to eat properly in the morning so that you can make it through the day without passing out,” he added.

I’ve submitted an example of how to NOT do this. In my defense, though, the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino is SOOOO good.

In case you’re wondering what Nick’s all about, he is, in fact, a former gold bug. In his own words…

Just a few years ago, I was a die-hard gold and precious metals guy. Bars under the bed, silver coins in my personal safe, and 10 years advising some of the most prominent commodities investors on the planet.

But that all changed when I came across a single document that convinced me to abandon the financial markets for good.

I immediately sold my bars of gold, sold off my stocks, and invested every dollar I had to my name right here.

Flash forward to today, and what I learned from that document has grown my total net worth by 6,230%.

It’s led me to gains like 1,000% in ten months… 1,750% in four months… 2,700% in six months… 6,200% in two months… even 14,300% in 11 months.

I did this without investing a single penny in the financial markets.

→ I don’t own stocks or trade options.
→ I don’t own real estate and never will.
→ I don’t have a 401(k) or IRA.
→ I don’t have a trust fund, inheritance, or a secret vault filled with gold bars (anymore).

Instead, I’m ALL IN on digital assets that have turned $2,000 into $110,000 in six month, and $1,200 into $76,000 profit in two months.

Today, 100% of my liquid net wealth is in digital assets.

NOTE FROM LIZ: That’s right, this man literally has no money that is not crypto.

The sad thing is, most people are too scared or too stubborn to venture outside the stock market to try and make money…

So they stick their head in a sandbox… Check their 401ks and stock portfolios 20-times a day…

And hope this will all pass like a bad storm and that one day their financial accounts will come bouncing back.

But there is no going back.

As far as I’m concerned, if you want to turn your portfolio around, you can’t do it with the financial markets. Not anymore.

So you need to decide – are you going to be one of the ostriches, keeping your head in a hole in the ground, waiting for the markets to turn around?

Or are you going to recognize the writing on the wall?

Digital assets are the last frontier for life changing gains: The one and only remaining asset class in the world that can deliver otherworldly gains in a matter of months, sometimes weeks…

Choose wisely.

LIZ AGAIN – And there’s that inscrutable prophet once more.

Bottom line – Nick knows what he’s talking about, and not only is he live for free three days a week at 11am, he also saves the truly juicy, in-depth crypto tips for his Digital Heavyweights. Go here to check that out.

I’ll be back tomorrow with, likely, a fresh CJ trade. Oh, and congratulations on your triple-digit win this morning on INTU!

Hang loose!


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