Liz here, struggling with disappointment. Yesterday Pip decided he wanted sushi (COOKED, don’t call child protective services), so we tried out a new place up the road. There were a lot of items on the menu that included “OBEY SEASONING.”

“What is OBEY SEASONING?” we wondered – thinking it must be some Japanese delicacy we hadn’t tried before. My husband ordered a Crab Dragon Roll prominently featuring this spice.

When it arrived, he took one bite. “Oh,” he said. “It’s … OLD BAY.”

To be honest, this is pretty on brand for Maryland, which is a cult, not a state. If you live here, your home must be decorated in the colors of the state flag, you are required to have at least one Orioles and one Ravens bumper sticker on your car at all times, you’re only allowed to drink Natty Boh, and everything (even candy) has to be drenched in Old Bay Seasoning.

OBEY THE SEASONING or get the hell out.

Since I’m giving directives, OBEY THE SEASONING and join Inside Money Trader! Mark’s putting on his first live trading session at 3pm, and up until that cutoff moment, you can still join for $49.

If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see a “Smart Money Handed Us 92%” article talking about the Inside Money track record so far – I’m not going to write it all again up here, but these trades really work (not a surprise, it’s Mark).

Mark has, of course, come through for us today with a brand-new free trade on CGC – head over here to get it.

Mark Shorts Pot (And You Probably Should Too)

I’m hurrying to get this article out before Mark’s live 3pm session, so let me throw you three lines and two charts about Canopy Growth Corp (NASDAQ: CGC).

There’s an interesting long form article here about what’s going on with CGC, but (spoiler alert) it involves “irrational investors, regulatory hurdles and cruddy management.” I’m going to read more about this because I actually see a potential spinoff “Bleh” play in CGC’s American partner, Constellation Brands….but more on that later.

Again, I will put Mark’s notes in bullets, because that is one portion of my job as editor I take very seriously.

  • CGC failed the 50DMA
  • HV really high
  • IV low

Here are the stock chart and the IV chart (IV/HV blends always make me think of Options Coffee, a chain that only exists in my imagination):

And here’s what to do:


Action to Take:

Buy to Open CGC August 26, 2022 $2.50 puts for $0.22 or better.

Enter as a Good til Canceled (GTC) order.

I’ve got a rare treat for you tomorrow – a Garrett trade! (It’s been a minute since I’ve had him in here!)

OBEY THE SEASONING and go join Inside Money Trader, I won’t say this again.

Hang loose!


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