Holographic Liz here, from the top deck! This is also a “Fun Day at Sea,” which the itinerary says will include a mixologist competition and “Groove for St. Jude.”

Educated guess: My child will purposely drop at least one shoe overboard. My husband and I, who have booked a rather expensive couples massage this afternoon, will lie face down on parallel massage tables arguing about what to do with our tax return. (We are NOT buying a zero turn mower.)

While we do that, you should check out this exclusive peek behind the scenes at Penny Nation.

These are the types of gains that roll off CJ’s scanner that only Penny Nation folks get to see.

There’s a whole bunch more in the article, which you should definitely read.

If you feel like actually joining Penny Nation – or, for that matter, Night Trader! CJ has two! – you can do three things:

  • Read about Penny Nation here
  • We’re having some technical difficulties with Night Trader but you can call my designated direct line to Gabe here to get info:


It’s your own personal cruise itinerary!

I’ll talk to you tomorrow (sort of!)


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