Liz here! Hope you’re having a great weekend.

I’m starting a new Sunday tradition, just to get us in the mood for the upcoming trading week. Sunday Crypto Tips!

I’ve got two quick tips here, from Nick Black on Slack. (I’m fighting the urge to reference Dick Blick, my art supply store of choice in college.)

Here’s two things Nick’s watching right now:

  • I’d be looking at a BIG reversal in BTC when we get the dates of the MT Gox settlement.
  • I think ALGO is cheap and they just did a management shakeup. But that could be a while to materialize.

Got that?

Also, don’t forget, Nick’s crypto service is going way up in price on Monday, so if you want to get in, now’s the moment.

I’ll see you tomorrow, probably with a new Mark trade. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and hang loose!


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