Liz here, reading about bad decisions. Apparently, Costco and Amazon just recalled a whole line of “wall beds” because they fell on a bunch of people, causing carnage.

I felt moved to comment on the NPR article about this:

I have further verses for this poem, including:

I’m tired of floor beds! They’re boring and dumb!
So let’s invent WALL BEDS! They’re much less ho-hum.
The trouble with WALL BEDS, the trouble, you see,
Is something that scientists call “GRAVITY.”

A far better decision than buying or installing a “WALL BED” is going to Kenny Glick’s special class this Saturday. It’s a 3-hour crash course in VWAP to get you ready for earnings season…

You’ll learn EVERYTHING about how to use VWAP yourself, and walk away with a full replay…upcoming earnings calendar watchlist…and a secret extra perk worth $500.

Oh, yeah, and it’s all only $49.95 (Kenny used to charge hundreds of dollars to go to this class, before we got our greasy little paws onto him).

Sign up here (you’ve now got slightly less than 5 days).

And…there it is. CJ just sent me a last-minute trade (I struck out with Garrett, Mark, AND 8-Ball today – though 8-Ball promised me something for tomorrow). It’s a very short short on CSCO. Go here to grab it.

Stuff I’m Watching Today Besides Wall Beds

I have a really bad track record in general with things falling off the wall (my first husband, God rest his soul, bought me a large, panoramic view of Paris that fell down in the middle of the night and hit my piano. AAAAGGGGHHHH).

Anyway – I’m training a new editor today (everyone, say hi to Rebecca) and I didn’t get an update email out this morning, but I really wanted to show you the hot trades that are moving fast in our portfolio today. Mostly, they aren’t quite up to the point that I want to take official profits…but I’m keeping an eye on these.

And you should too.

  • DKNG Puts are at $2.44 as I write. We got in at $1.99, so they are a bit over 12%.
  • HES Calls are at $8.40. We got in at $6.50, so actually pushing 30%. I sent out a half-off alert while I was writing this, actually! Watch the second half and see where it goes.
  • X Puts are at $2.60, after we got in at $2.50.
  • JBLU Puts (Bleh!) are at $0.67, after we got in at $0.64. Lots of news out today about why the Spirit deal was a bad idea, but we already knew that.

We cool? We cool.

OK, here’s CJ saving my bacon with his super fast trade, after I struck out with three other guys this morning. (This did wonders for my ego.)

Very Short Shorts on CSCO

This is short and fast-moving, so, basically Speedy Gonzalez (who is absolutely not offensive, because Gabriel Iglesias is about to voice him in his own full-length movie).

Here’s CJ:

$53 is the round number I am watching and this turns into a swing to $50 print really quickly.

Trade plays out MAYBE over the next four days. I think that either way, you could come back to me for an update on Thursday and we could draw something out a little longer. (Note from Liz: DONE AND DONE.)

Trade it with the 5/20 $52.50 puts for a 50% return.

Cheap, fast, and short – here’s what to do:


Action to Take:

Buy to Open CSCO May 20, 2022 $52.50 Puts. Pay no more than $1.85.

Enter as a Good til Canceled (GTC) order.

Hang loose!


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