I’m Liz Brazeal, Executive Editor of Trading Today. For six years, I’ve been the lead editor behind the top trading experts at Money Map Press – names you know well, like Andrew Keene, Tom Gentile, Shah Gilani, Chris Johnson, and others. 

I’ve seen their track records.

I’ve become an expert in their methodologies.

I’m perhaps their perfect student, and also one of their most trusted allies to provide trading catalysts.

And I can tell you one thing straight from behind the scenes…

Our experts are trading and making lots of money with their own personal methodology during the afternoons.

During the typically “neglected” trading hours of 1-4 p.m. ET.

And they’re not sharing most of those recommendations with you, our readers.

Now keep in mind, these are their own private trades. They don’t have to share them.

But I’ve talked them into it. (I can be persuasive when I want to be.)

I’m launching a new trading service that will provide you big, fast, money-making opportunities between 1 and 4pm. Every day the markets are open.

And to top it all off – I’ve decided to give you all these trades for free.

After reading and trading with us for so long, you deserve them.

To be honest, I had to develop an entirely new business model in order to do this….

Trading Today is our first ever open-source trading service.

It contains the same types of detailed recommendations as our elite, closed products… but it’s open to everyone.

We’re only able to do this at Money Map Press because we have access to such a large group of the industry’s best experts.

One or another of those experts contributes a trade or two every day, combining their talents into a larger project – and that means we can open up an incredible powerhouse of knowledge to readers all over the country.

For free.

In all my years at Money Map Press, this is the most exciting and worthwhile thing I’ve ever done.

I believe Trading Today is the single most valuable free e-letter in the business, and I’m proud to write it, develop it, and bring it to you every day the markets are open.