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The Federal Reserve’s current balance sheet sits at $9 TRILLION dollars…

The highest spend by the Fed in history, BY FAR. Just back in 2020, that same balance sheet was only $4.5 Trillion.

The explosion of spending by the Fed is just one of several reasons next Wednesday’s Fed Meeting is going to make history.

I’ll be covering the other 2 reasons with you live on Tuesday at 2pm EST.

In Tuesday’s live event we’ll cover:
And… I’m going to reveal some stunning results from the most volatile day of 2022 so far: March 7
And show you how THIS EXACT DAY is the key to unlocking the profits to be made in the market Post-Fed Meeting.
We will be live on Tuesday, May 3rd at 2:00 PM ET.
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Garrett Baldwin
Founder, World’s Biggest Trade
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