Frequently asked questions

You can easily change your chat user name by going to your user setting page here ». Simply change the display name and click save. You will need to refresh the room page you were connected to, in order for the new chat name to take effect.

Make sure to click the play button on the streaming video player. Some players are blocking from auto-playing the stream when the page loads.

Make sure that the video player is not on mute, click the sounds icon on the video player. Also try to refresh the page in case the player might have some issues for you. Lastly make sure this is a section where the host is talking. While trading, it is possible the host will have moments where he is not talking.

The usernames that are indicated by a star and a different color username are chat room moderators.

If you forgot your password, then you can go to this link to change your password:

You can also reach this page by clicking “Forgot Password” under where you enter your login information.

From there, enter the email address associated with your account. You will then choose between two options: EMAIL ME and SEND SECURE LOGIN LINK. Choose the EMAIL ME option. 

EMAIL ME: You’ll receive an email to the address provided titled “Forgot Password”. It will contain a link to reset your password.

*If “Error occurred” appears in red when choosing your new password, that means our system does not recognize an account with the email address provided. If you need further assistance, please contact our customer service team.

For additional help please see our support options, here.