Meet Our Experts

Garrett Baldwin

Few people live and breathe the markets like Garrett Baldwin; his idea of small talk is discussing undervalued companies, a random commodity trade, or the latest economic trends. Garrett’s been immersed in the financial research space for years, earning degrees from Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Purdue, and Indiana University. He joined Money Map Press back in 2011 as an economist and researcher. A former Wall Street analyst and institutional consultant, he’s bringing his experience and eye for the global markets to Money Morning Live, where he helps inform traders about market anomalies and where to find hidden opportunities on the margins each morning.


Chris Johnson

One of the most experienced names in the trading game, Chris Johnson is our resident God of Quantitative Analysis. Chris has more than 20 years of experience in the markets, and his insights on how the stock market works have been featured in some of the most prominent financial publications, including Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and USA TODAY. Everyone should pay close attention whenever Chris stops by Money Morning Live, because he provides an invaluable perspective on charts - and investor sentiment - for novice and experienced traders alike.

Gabe Oropollo

As the Director of Client Services here at Money Map Press, Gabe Oropollo is very familiar with the needs of all our customers. He’s happy to jump on Money Morning Live to break down some of the most frequent requests he gets and how to resolve them, in order to ensure everyone’s getting the absolute most from their experience. However, we’d be remiss to not point out that Gabe is a talented trader in his own right, and has a knack for finding unique short-term trade opportunities no matter what the market's doing.

Nick Black

Almost everyone has questions about cryptocurrencies these days, and that’s where Nick Black comes in. Nick has an intimate knowledge of the digital asset landscape, but unlike others in the space, he has the unique ability to talk about these subjects in a way people can actually understand - imagine that! A former professional MMA fighter, Nick will likely have you ready to take a swing at digital assets in no time - or, at the very least, help you figure out which ones to avoid in a space that’s filled with hype and junk analysis.


Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile is known as America’s #1 Pattern Trader. But really, he’s so much more than that. Tom wasn’t always so successful. Thirty years ago, he was just a kid working 60 hours a week at Home Depot, making the same amount every hour no matter how hard he worked. It’s a familiar story. But it jump started Tom to do something different. That’s when his life really began to change. Tom began his career by studying the ins and outs of options trading every single night in his parent’s basement back in 1986. Years later, he had built one of the largest financial tech companies showing people how to trade. It was called Optionetics, and it quickly established a stellar reputation in the field of options education. In 2009, Tom sold Optionetics to one of the largest discount brokers in the world for millions of dollars. Since then, he has dedicated his career to teaching people how to trade. Tom has taught over 300,000 traders his option trading secrets in a variety of settings, including seminars, workshops, and sponsored events like The Money Show. He’s also a bestselling author of eight books and training courses. Tom’s personal mission in life is to show people like you everything he’s learned in his 30 years of trading. He wants you to break out of the grueling nine-to-five cycle and achieve the abundant life you deserve.