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We will start with five positions, add new ones, and exit others as new information emerges. 

I’ll be working with our experts to identify new opportunities and new ways to trade these positions. In fact, we have already collaborated to create this portfolio based on our daily research at Money Morning LIVE and behind the scenes. 

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Garrett Baldwin
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Money Morning LIVE

MML Portfolio Pick No. 1
Quest Diagnostics (DGX)

Since the inception of Money Morning LIVE, we have continually focused on companies with rock-solid balance sheets that can deliver great returns in any market. During our launch in March 2021, we constructed our list of companies with ideal balance sheets that have performed well in today’s sideways economy. Quest Diagnostics was on the original list and has remained the only original company on the list. 

Quest Diagnostics is a member of duopoly in the blood testing and diagnostics space. The company has benefited greatly from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and continues to benefit from the surge in testing around the nation. At the height of the pandemic, the company processed more than 130,000 COVID tests per day, and received $90 per test, according to management. However, the surge in COVID testing initially did come at the detriment of its primary diagnostics business. Its core business - outside of COVID testing - has rebounded according to recent quarterly figures.

A banner 2020 has helped the company drastically increase its cash position. The company has a perfect Piotroski F score of 9 and a Altman Z score of more than 3. This is a rock solid company with robust cash flow that executives plan to return to investors. The company’s current buyback program could retire roughly 10% of all outstanding shares by the end of 2022. So long as DGX remains on the F&Z Score list, it will remain a buy in our Money Morning LIVE portfolio. 

Recommendation: Buy at Market Price

MML Portfolio Pick No. 2
Standard Lithium (SLI)

Chris Johnson is bullish on the growing demand for lithium. And it’s hard to disagree. If you’re looking to take advantage of the exploding use of lithium in electric vehicles, this is the top stock you can purchase in the space for under $10 per share. 

Standard Lithium is a producer of lithium extraction technology that could revolutionize the way that miners pull the rare earth metal out of the ground. With the U.S. government demanding that the automakers ensure that at least 50% of all vehicles are electric, the demand for battery metals is on the verge of exploding. Every electric vehicle currently requires about 22 pounds of lithium. This signals a dramatic need to unlock domestic supply and not rely on foreign powers to procure these materials. Standard Lithium has the power to do to lithium production what fracking technology did for American oil-and-gas producers. 

Buy now, before this rocket stock takes off. 

Recommendation: Buy at Market Price

MML Portfolio Pick No. 3
Intel Corporation (INTC) 

The semiconductor industry has rallied significantly in 2021  due to the ongoing shortage of chips needed in automobiles, consumer electronics, and many other industries. Intel Corporation, however, has largely lagged behind its competition largely due to the negative press received after Apple Inc. elected to ditch Intel’s chips for certain products. The short-term weakness in Intel Corporation has created a dynamic opportunity for investors and traders alike. 

Intel Corporation’s CEO recently threw down a gauntlet stating that the company will accelerate the development of its semiconductor power. The CEO says that the company will have the fastest semiconductors by 2024. We believe him, but we aren’t concerned if they fall even a little short. The company has put rivals like Nvidia and AMD back in their crosshairs. Intel has a legacy brand and strong reputation. In an industry that will continue to be the backbone of the 21st century economy, a rising tide will lift all boats. As of September 2021, Intel looks dramatically undervalued compared to its industry rivals. Use this short-term weakness to your advantage. This is a long-term stock that can make you big money.

Recommendation: Buy at Market Price

Trades: We will use cash secured puts, poor man’s covered calls, and vertical spreads to maximize our returns on the underlying stock.


MML Portfolio Pick No. 4
CSX Corporation (CSX)

CSX Corporation is a U.S. company with a focus on North American rail transportation and real estate. The company is a powerhouse in U.S. freight and continues to see strong demand in the wake of weakening competition in the long-haul trucking space. WIth trucking companies facing rising costs in fuel, labor, and idling times, railroads continue to show strong demand and increased volumes. In fact, during the second quarter of 2021, CSX reports that its volumes and revenues increased across all nine of its segments. 

Garrett Baldwin and Mark Sebastian are both advocates of the company due to strong fundamentals and improving technicals. With consolidation in the space driving valuations of freight companies higher, CSX stands to be a breakout stock during the third quarter of 2021 thanks to exploding demand in the agricultural sector. In addition, the company will benefit from an improving economy, rising commodity demand, and government policy that continues to look unfavorably on oil-and-gas pipelines, a trend that has favored railroad stocks. 

Recommendation: Buy at Market Price

Trades: We will explore covered calls, cash-secured puts, and long calls to take advantage of the strong role of CSX in the U.S. economy. 


MML Portfolio Pick No. 5
Citizens Financial Group 

If you’ve watched Money Morning LIVE enough, you know that we love to focus on the growth in the banking space. While we typically pull in Tim Melvin to share his expertise on community banking, the stocks in that area typically lack options to provide us with opportunity to make money on leverage. So, we move to one of the best-in-class regional banks with strong value, growth prospects, and yield. 

Citizens Financial Group is a $18 billion regional bank withmore than 1,000 branches and 3,200 ATMs in 11 states. It is the 22nd largest bank in the United States. With the Federal Reserve aiming to taper its assets and eventually raise interest rates, banking stocks are poised to rise. It’s important to remember that local banks remain a critical lifeline to small businesses across the United States. This Rhode Island-based bank recently announced plans in July to merge with Investors Bank, the 77th largest bank in the nation. The merger will expand its stronghold in the northeast across New Jersey and New York.

Recommendation: Buy at Market Price. Use “Dividend Reinvestment” tools in your online brokerage to ensure that all dividends purchase new shares of the stock every quarter.