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Welcome to the Money Morning LIVE crew!


We hope you’re excited to be here, because we’re a new kind of financial broadcast, one that’s focused on providing live trade ideas every single day. 


If the stock market is open, you can find us right here starting at 8:30 a.m. ET. We’re talking trade ideas and taking YOUR questions in real time – everything from the hottest stocks of the day to the latest cryptocurrency fads to help you build a portfolio you love.


We’re the only stock show around where VIEWERS help steer the conversation, interacting with the smartest traders and market experts in the business and bending their ear about whatever questions you may have...


TLDR; we’re all about YOU. 



And we’re here to do one thing: Make money – and make it FUN.



Forget stuffy suits – we deliver daily investing tips with a side of joy.  


So How Do You Watch Money Morning LIVE TV?




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We kick off at 8:30 a.m. ET every day the stock market is open. (Check out our full programming schedule – we got something for EVERYBODY.)


If you run into audio or connection problems during a broadcast, hitting the “Refresh” button is usually the first step to problem-solving. Or try checking the play/pause and mute buttons in the lower left of the video player. 


NOTE: If you’re watching from a mobile browser, you’ll need to start the stream manually by pressing “Play.”


Money Talks – and We Do Too!


We’re not afraid to get up close and personal around here. Getting to know our audience and seeing the love between our members – does it get any better than that?!


Before YOU begin chatting with us, feel free to customize your Money Morning LIVE display name so we can call you by name… maybe even shout you out on air.



NOTE: After hitting “Save,” you may need to refresh the chat to see your new display name.


Then hit us up in the live chat feed that’s running during every broadcast!


You can ask our panelists questions about specific stocks or sectors, weigh in on the topics du jour, and converse with other members. 


Our panelists keep an eye on the chat feed while live on air, and we have a team of starred moderators ready to answer questions and drop relevant info too! Just keep in mind we can’t offer personalized financial advice.



Our team of in-house trading experts – get to know ‘em here – have decades’ worth of insider knowledge and connections between them. 


Wherever the market’s headed each day, we always cut through the noise and bring you real, actionable info – and proximity you won’t get ANYWHERE else.


When you’re watching the show, make sure to keep an eye on the announcements right below the broadcast. 



Keep an eye on what our moderators are posting in the announcements.


This is where we drop important takeaways and educational content to help you get the absolute most out of Money Morning LIVE


Plus, announcements and watchlists will always be available for future reference. Recaps for each show can be found under the “Daily Picks” tab on the Money Morning LIVE website. 



The Daily Picks page has the day’s main takeaways.


Meet Your New Tools of the Trade


You’ll come to find that our traders are not here to pass along trades – they’re here to teach you how to trade. 


We have a dedicated toolkit of educational resources over on the Money Morning LIVE website that features clips covering the all the basics – trading tips, indicators, entering and exiting trades, and much more



Our Toolkit page features numerous educational videos.


Watching Anything Good?


We sure are!


We’ll be providing daily updated trading watchlists from our experts to keep you up to date on everything our team is watching. 


And any professional trader will tell you that having a watchlist is one of the first steps to an effective trading plan. Even if you’re not trading the same names, it’ll ensure you have a bird’s-eye view of the market’s biggest stories. 



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Much of this content, as well relevant market news and training, will also be sent straight to your inbox, starting each morning when we provide a sneak peek from Money Morning LIVE


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Of course, we know it’s not always easy to catch us live each morning. You can always find replays of the shows in our emails – no hassle, no worries!



We’ll See You in the Morning!


Catch our next broadcast – beginning at 8:30 a.m. ET Monday through Friday, each day the market’s open – and tap right into our team of industry experts. There’s never been a better time to trade in the markets, and we’re here to show you how – every single trading day.  


Keep an eye on your inbox each morning too – we’ll email you the lineup for the Money Morning LIVE show each day so you can get your popcorn (and your questions!) ready…


See you bright and early right here for live trading – let’s go!


The Money Morning LIVE Team