What is gamma?

with Mark Sebastian


Mark Sebastian is our expert in all things volatility and options. He traded on the floor of the CBOE and the AMEX and wants to share his professional tips and tricks with retail traders everywhere. 


During the May 22, 2023 edition of Money Morning LIVE, Mark sat down with volume specialist Olivia Voz to discuss an oft-misunderstood aspect of option pricing - Gamma. 


One of the options "Greeks" - or metrics that affect option pricing - Gamma is often disregarded by traders...but is one of the most important factors of how options prices change based on price movement in the underlying stock.


Mark breaks it all down below. Watch the clip to learn:


  • What is option gamma, and how does it affect option pricing
  • What happens when there is higher or lower gamma on an option
  • Why Mark tracks gamma with every option, and not just special circumstances
  • How Gamma factors in when options are set to expire
  • The gamma black swan that is coming in the market 
  • What exactly a GAMMA BOMB is - and what it means for traders





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