Thursday July 8, 2021

Garrett Baldwin

Hey, Money Morning LIVE family!

I was a week early on my warning about the market. And sure enough, right when Kenny Glick went on vacation, the markets have taken a nosedive. For the last week, we've waited to wake up and discover a broad market selloff like we're witnessing right now.

You need answers. You NEED trades. And you have the BEST TEAM available to help you.

Watch Money Morning LIVE! Every morning we stream a live show for Money Map Press readers.

We'll take you through the top stories, the top trends, and the top trades of the day. We bring real trading experts to the table each morning for you. If you haven't watched before, now is the most important day yet.


This is the type of day that you should NEVER trade alone.

In fact, these are the days that bring us extreme profits as other investors overreact and create incredible profit opportunities for us.

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Kenny's Psycho Stocks Just Keep Running

It was another insane day for these psycho stocks that Kenny keeps identifying. Yesterday, we had NewEgg (NEGG). What does the company do? Do we actually care? At one point, shares surged more than 150% right after the bell. If you were trading the VWAP, you'd clearly be able to see when the breakout started and when it was time to get out of the trade.

This is THE BEST MARKET to ever trade in. These wild, emotional swings are happening every single morning. And we're capturing these trades on the VWAP. All you need to do is follow the line and know when to buy and when to sell.

Kenny will be returning tomorrow. But we've got a few stocks ready on the screener.

Want the top VWAP names to trade this morning? Tune in now.


The Top Trades on a Massive Selloff

We've got a full morning of programming for you. Today, you'll get at least a dozen trade ideas from Money Morning LIVE! Join me, Voz, and Mark Sebastian as we tackle the headlines and find you the BEST trades to start your day.

There's a trade for everyone, regardless of experience, options clearance levels, or strategy.

At 9:30, Chris Johnson takes over to trade the open. Chris will talk a little golf, a little zen, and give you lots of trade ideas in this capitulating market. The ongoing breakdown of the markets in the last 24 hours is the type he's navigated and profited from time after time.

Then at 10:30, Mark Sebastian will be joining us to show you his favorite ways to trade with volatility spiking. Options expert Andrew Keene will be on at 11:30 to show you what large institutions are doing with their money TODAY.

And I'll be back at 12 for a longer explanation on why this market is selling off, and how I trade when market momentum gets this ugly. We'll be talking about potential COVID trades, Black Swan trades, and much more.

Okay. It's time! Get in the chat. Show us those dollar signs. Show us that you're ready to trade!

I can't wait to see everyone there.

Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader and Executive Producer