Friday July 9, 2021

Garrett Baldwin

Good morning, Money Morning LIVE family!

I hope you watched Money Morning LIVE! yesterday.

If you didn't, you missed out on something HUGE.


They gave me, a person who's spent his whole career buying and selling stocks, a simple tool for three hours. I walked away with one thought: This is THE GREATEST market to ever trade in.

Kenny Glick went on vacation for two days. The market tanked. But I was handed his VWAP...

Even though the Dow plunged hundreds of points.Even though market momentum was negative.

What happened?

A stock I found called Carver Bancorp (CARV) surged 267% at one point yesterday.

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The stock broke out right after Money Morning LIVE!

CARV closed up 106% after a wild day of trading.

And all I did was find a watchlist and use the VWAP.

That's never happened to me before. But it has been a theme here at Money Morning LIVE! now for a week. This market is incredible. And if you're not actively trading with us each morning...

You must hate the best trade ideas, the top experts, and a team of people with one single goal in mind: To give you everything YOU NEED to be successful.

But even if you missed yesterday, there's great news. It's a whole new day to trade.

And we're going to be going live in less than 20 minutes - at 8:30 AM Eastern. So, what do you say?

Want to find the next breakout stocks? We've got a dozen trades ready to go, right here.

It's Money Morning LIVE and it's your secret weapon to trading success before the bell.


Books on Books on Books

I had a blast yesterday on my new show Midday Momentum. Since it's Friday, Nick Black will carry our fourth hour of programming, but I'll be back next week as we extend our daily schedule.

The highlight of the conversation that we had was my library of books on the history of financial crisis, how to trade, and why they are so important.

You asked for the list. So here they are:

  • The Black Swan - Nassib Taleb: A masterpiece about statistical anomalies got me into finance and has given me a statistical edge in both psychology and quantitative methods.
  • Manias Panics and Crashes - Charles Kindleberger: Every crisis that you've known starts and ends in this book.
  • This Time is Different - Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff: There's a crisis every century. And it's always tied to lending and speculation. There is a 45-page list of banking crises by nation and repeat over and over the same issues of speculation.
  • Advances in Behavioral Finance - Richard Thaler: The Dry Paint Book of Finance requires a thesaurus and a gallon of coffee per chapter. There is a lot of data on why markets don't behave rationally.
  • Too Big to Fail - Andrew Ross Sorkin: It feels like you are actually in the room with economic leaders during the Great Financial Crisis in 2008. It's a good reminder of how connected Wall Street and Washington are, and why you are on your own as an investor.

We want to know what you're reading. Tell us in the chat this morning! Every one of our experts are avid readers and are always looking for new books on finance and trading.


The Dow Bounces Back... Get Trading Now

We've got four hours of programming for you. With these resilient markets now pushing back after yesterday's selloff, it's looking again like there's plenty of action for everyone!

Today, you'll the top trade ideas from Money Morning LIVE! Join me, Voz, and Gabe Oropollo and Kenny Glick! We're digging into the headlines. We're watching CARV rally. We're telling you what else is poised for a blue sky breakout with volume and more!

There's a trade for everyone, regardless of experience, options clearance levels, or strategy.

At 9:30, Kenny's back! It seems that his presence has brought the markets back from the edge. Now, he's bringing the Warlock Watchlist and preparing for liftoff.

At 10:30, Chris Johnson brings you the Long and Short of It. Chris brings a little golf, a little zen, and his TOP ideas to the table. If you're not watching Chris, you're making an error.

Then, Nick Black brings it home at 11:30. He's bringing you the crypto lotto idea with more room left to run - plus a basic Bitcoin buying strategy for everyone.

Okay. It's time!

Get in the chat. Show us those dollar signs. Show us that you're ready to trade! Ask questions.

And tell us what you're reading and trading today.

It's going to be a great way to start the weekend. Don't miss this party!

Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader and Executive Producer