Tuesday July 13, 2021

Garrett Baldwin

Hey, Money Morning LIVE family!

Fire up your trading accounts. It's earnings season. The single best three weeks of the year!

It's like the Holidays for Traders! And if you're not actively trading in this market, you've lost your mind. Stocks like CRTD, WORX, and OSAT are already up more than 47% each to start this day.

And we haven't even gotten to a single earnings report today. This is the greatest market to trade in EVER! Better than the post-1987 crash period. Better than the dot-com bubble.

Better than 2020! The time is now. And Money Morning LIVE! starts at 8:30 AM Eastern. You're going to get the BEST trades, the TOP ideas, and insight from real professional traders.


Money Morning LIVE! has a full morning of LIVE trading action starting at 8:30.

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Falling from the Moon

You heard it here yesterday, everyone. As you know, Virgin Galactic Holdings (SPCE) has been a popular stock for us to trade over the last month. And over the weekend, its founder Richard Branson blasted himself into space.

It was a banner moment. We used to shoot monkeys into space. Now we fire billionaires into the stratosphere! Tons of investors piled into the stock premarket on Monday.

But volatility specialist and experienced options trader Mark Sebastian warned against the move.

Yesterday, Mark recommended that investors fade this story. And sure enough, just about an hour after Mark's suggestion, SPCE fell by double-digit percentage points. The company used the launch of Branson to issue $500 million in new stock.

It was an amazing call by Mark. And it's another reason why you have to watch us in the morning. Not only will you learn what to trade... but you'll also learn exactly what to fade. Tune in to see why Kenny Glick is calling SPCE "the greatest short of the year."


Voz Has a 30-Minute Run

We've got lots of programming lined up on Tuesday. We'll start with Value Tuesday and VWAP insanity as Kenny Glick returns today for Money Morning LIVE!

At 9:30, Chris Johnson brings you Technical Tuesday on the Long and Short of It. Chris brings his wit and wisdom to talk about the "rolling correction" he's watching in this market - and why he hates being a bull in this market... but the stocks he's buying anyway. Don't miss it.

Volume Specialist Olivia Voz will bring you Top Shelf and Boss trades in her 30-minute debut at 10:30. Get there early, put your volume requests in the chat, and find out if your favorite picks are poised to breakout or break down in today's market conditions.

I'll be here with an earlier edition of Midday Momentum at 11, followed by Andrew Keene, who returns for his Tuesday session to close out the day. Get ready!


It's Tuesday. There's money on the table. Let's go get it!

Get in the chat. Show us those dollar signs. Make your ticker profile requests now.

This is going to be an awesome earnings season. Let's kick it off at 8:30 AM.

Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader and Executive Producer