Thursday July 15, 2021

Garrett Baldwin

Hey, Money Morning LIVE family!

I've been sending out this email each morning letting you know that we're going LIVE at 8:30 each morning. Stop by. Get free trade ideas. Get our TOP PICKS for the day.

But I want to make sure you know: We're doing this live all morning.

So, even if you open this after 8:30, we're still live. You'll get GREAT trade ideas at 8:30, 8:43, 9:15, 10:43... ALL MORNING LONG.


We have 4.5 hours of live programming today. We have the top experts giving you their BEST trades. All you need to do is click the link and join us live.

You can watch the show or listen in the background. All we ask is that you join us this Thursday for just a little while.

We've built this network as an exclusive perk for all of our Money Map Press members.

To take advantage and get your free trades, just click the link.

It's Money Morning LIVE - and we want to see you. We'll start today at 8:30.

But we have SIX back-to-back shows today with real experts, real trades, and real results.

Again, join us here. You're going to love this new benefit.

Trade with us live, right here.

Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader and Executive Producer