Friday July 16, 2021

Garrett Baldwin

Hey, Money Morning LIVE family!

Yesterday was our best day yet for live trades and investment insights from real pros.

Even if you can't arrive right at 8:30 AM Eastern - when we go live with our premarket morning show - you're going to get a trade or a stock recommendation every few minutes with Money Morning Live!

This network has been designed FOR YOU. It is an additional perk that we've created for you as a Money Map Press customer. There are no strings attached. Just click the link and watch.

We've got exclusive trade ideas coming out live on our broadcast throughout the morning that you're going to find NOWHERE else.


At 8:32 a.m., I'm going to give you my top way to play constraints in the U.S. supply chain. You've probably heard about shortages in raw materials and products. Well, how about a stock that Wall Street projects has 51% upside from today's current price?

Imagine when I give you an options trade that could become a triple-digit winner by Monday!

Just three minutes later... Olivia Voz and I are going to talk about the top earnings trades of the day. Then we're looking at real-money trades on Virgin Galactic, the U.S. dollar, and oil.

This show doesn't slow down. You're going to head into the opening bell with so much more.


In the first five minutes, you're going to have our best earnings season trade ideas for Friday.

But we're then going to give you the Warlock's Earnings Season watch list. Kenny Glick is the Godfather of Day Trading. He's delivered several 100% or more winners in the last week alone.

Well, we have his earnings watchlist for next week - and it's STACKED. Don't miss this.

But that's not all. We have our Director of Customer Services Gabe Oropollo answering your to trading question of the week... before we get to even MORE trades and stock picks.

We've got Shah Gilani's top four trades for earnings seasons. We have Olivia Voz running her volume profile screens on stocks that you've requested. And we have the BEST stocks with the BEST balance sheets.

Listen. If you're not trading with us today, I don't know what to tell you. This is YOUR show. We built this for you as a thank you for being a Money Map Press customer.

And if you want our free trades, and you want our insight, then just click the link to tap into our live stream of nonstop ideas.


I don't care if you're late. There is a trade coming every five minutes.

And once the first show is over, we have three more hours of trading coming...

Want Chris Johnson's favorite small-cap picks for the weeks ahead? Join him at 9:30 here.

Want my top balance sheet picks for the next month? I'm on at 10:30. Join me.

And - if you're a cryptocurrency fan or you want to know the best plays - I've invited my good friend Nick Black to give you ONE HOUR and his TOP PICKS for the space. It's at 11.

I want you to join us. It's Friday. It's free. It's fun. It's an experience.

You're going to laugh. You're going to get our BEST trades. You're going to get hooked.

Make this part of your day. Make this part of your Money Map Press experience.

I want to see you sometime this morning. Join the chat and tell them Garrett sent you.



Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader and Executive Producer