Wednesday July 28, 2021

Garrett Baldwin

Hey there, Money Morning LIVE family!

It's Wednesday. How does another morning stacked with our top trades sound to you?


We're firing out of the gate in less than 20 minutes. And if you're not trading with us by now, you're clearly missing out on some of the best trades of the year.

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We're the ones laughing when people speculate like crazy around earnings season.

Because we've been focusing on one post-earnings trade that continues to deliver OVER and OVER again...

The post-earnings FADE.


Kenny Glick is now undefeated this earnings season cashing in on the selloff after every earnings move.

Chris Johnson just NAILED a HUGE short play on Apple puts.

And I told you to take direct aim and short Teladoc (TDOC) yesterday - before it fell 8.5% after reporting its earnings. (Teladoc is a garbage company that should get out of medicine and pivot to actual garbage).

Ready for our next big round of premarket picks? They're coming... they're free... and they've been handpicked just for you as a member of our Money Map family.

So get in the room.

Or I'll send this dog to your house...

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I named him Mark - and he's got opinions about Tesla.


What Else Is on Tap Today?

We've got another four hours of live trading on tap for you today.

We start as always with Volume Trader Olivia Voz, Killer Quant Chris Johnson, VWAP Specialist Kenny Glick, and me.

I noticed in the chat yesterday that many people were asking about how to add the VWAP and trade Kenny's magical profit machine. Keep those questions coming, but join Kenny at 9:30 to get a front-row seat.

He'll be live for This is VWAP. Use the VWAP and aim to make a day's pay in the first hour of today's trading. Kenny will ask all your questions and show you why VWAP can be your secret too.

Then, Chris Johnson puts on his angel wings and drops trading gems from the clouds from 10:30 to 11:30. Want to know which stocks are about to break out? He'll deliver his signature analysis and key lessons on volume, price, and moving averages. You can't miss this free lesson.


Then, you'll get a full hour of Mark Sebastian and Profit Takeover. With the FAANG stocks sliding and volatility rising, you'll want to pay attention to this Bad Boy of Trading as he goes live for a special session.

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Mark will discuss his latest winning trades and give you actionable ideas that you can make LIVE in the room starting at 11:30.

Finally, I'm back. I might not have a laptop, but at least I'm giving money to Apple to fix it. What more could you want than to see Apple already making a profit after earnings?

With insider buying relatively weak, we'll talk about some of the latest selling trends and pair up ideas as earnings season continues. I'll also dive deeper into trading high volatility and what you might want to do to scalp some profits in the wake of earnings season.


We aren't messing around. And we want real people who want to change how they make money in the markets. No waiting around. No newspapers or deep research needed. We're giving you our favorite trades and all the tools you need to succeed.

You just have to sit back, watch, and be a part of our growing community.

This is Real, Live, Trading.

And it starts NOW.

See you then,

Garrett Baldwin
Executive Producer, Money Morning Live!