Thursday August 12, 2021

Garrett Baldwin

Good morning, Money Morning LIVE family!

This is OUR BIGGEST day of trading yet.

Today, you're going to get SIX FULL HOURS of LIVE TRADING instruction.

We're giving away more FREE trades than ever. More watch lists than ever. More insight from REAL trading professionals who have more than a century of combined experience.

And all because YOU are a member of Money Map Press.

All you have to do is click the link below, sign in, and watch America's No. 1 LIVE trading network. That's all I'm asking of you today.


Remember, I'm Garrett Baldwin, executive producer of Money Morning LIVE!

This is a really important day for me. My incredible team of producers, writers, all-star traders, and more will bring you OUR biggest day yet. And that includes tonight's LIVE primetime trading event.

We'll include free giveaways to paid subscriptions, exclusive trading sessions with Kenny Glick, Mark Sebastian, and me. And you'll get the full tour of Money Morning LIVE!

This is not a sales event. I repeat that. I'm not selling you anything. I'm not asking you to buy anything. We are giving you a tour of this incredible benefit and showing you how to trade.

In addition - I'm going to be giving all viewers of Money Morning LIVE! something extremely special. I do not want to ruin the surprise right now, but I promise you that no other live trading team is doing what I have promised tonight.

And there's a reason I've decided to do all of this today. I have worked in financial publishing for a decade. The industry is changing. Live trading is the future of it.

But I look at some of the early adopters of live trading, and I want nothing to do with it.

There's no accountability. There's little transparency. And there's little interaction with the people who take the time to watch and learn.

I was heading back to Wall Street, but had a chance to build something different. Something that was personal to me and could change the way that we bring REAL professional traders with deep, proven track records to the table to deliver you LIVE trading with results.

And so we have life-long, professional traders like Kenny Glick, Mark Sebastian, Chris Johnson, Olivia Voz, and many, many more experts on the way.

Again, just for you being a member of Money Map Press, my home for 10 years.

This event is at 7 pm tonight. And if you haven't signed up, you can register here.


We're starting the day as always at 8:30 am. Olivia Voz is back with her VIP volume profile requests, so get in the room and discover where your favorite stocks could be moving on the price charts...

Kenny Glick - our VWAP expert - has been CRUSHING this incredible market. If you are not spending 20 minutes a day with Kenny, you're making a massive mistake. He continually makes money with fast-paced one-directional trades using an incredibly simple tool called the Volume Weighted Average Price.

This changed the way I trade. And it will do the same for you. Get in the room.
We also have Chris Johnson, back again with the Long and the Short of It. If you're looking to profit from the growing demand in alternative energy and infrastructure, Chris is your expert. He'll show you how to profit from short-term breakout stocks and then build a long-lasting portfolio with your gains.

Andrew Keene is here to teach you about ways to use cheap options to identify asymmetric returns. He's doing a half-hour of live trading at 11:30.

Then, it's Mark Sebastian at Profit Takeover. He's digging in today to help investors identify the best trades around volatility. Mark has crushed the market over the last week, and continues to play the winners and losers long before the institutions catch onto his secret.

And I'll be back at 1 pm (my latest day ever!) to talk about how to immerse yourself in the markets and trade smartly. I've been in Germany for 10 days, and now I'm back at my station and will talk about how I get back in the flow. We'll do a big sweep of macro events that could impact the market, and then dig into my top three trades for the week ahead.


This is what we do... every single day. And if you're not joining us, you're wasting our time and yours. We've built this for you, we are trading right alongside you, and we're completely accountable.

If you can't join us this morning, remember, we are LIVE at 7 pm tonight for our biggest trading event ever. I want to see you there. I want you to get our free trades.

I want you to have access to all of the things that we've built over six months -- for you.

Listen up...


This is real, live, trading, and it starts RIGHT NOW.

Garrett Baldwin
Executive Producer, Money Morning Live!