Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Garrett Baldwin

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I couldn't be more excited about this week. With the summer trading calendar coming to a close, we're ready for more capital to pour into the markets.

It's time for the year-end sprint. The period where investors return to the market and kick off a wild ride of trading through the holiday season. It's going to be the best one ever. Why?

We're all together, trading this sprint together for the first time. Let's make the most of it.

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What's on tap?

Even with earnings reports quiet this morning, our resident day trading expert is tracking the big volume and price movers. Kenny Glick will take you through the Warlock Watchlist and show you how to make a day's pay in less than an hour.

Barron's is once again spying on our show, it seems. You know I've been all over affordable housing stocks due to the government's push in the industry. Well, Barron's just named THMC as a value play. Do I agree?

Find out... and get a BETTER trade in your first seven minutes with us today!

Why haven't you asked Olivia Voz to profile your favorite stocks? Want to know if your tickers will break out or break down? She's taking requests.

A person with the hand on the chin Description automatically generated with low confidence
Voz is wondering why you're not in the room yet.

And options expert Mark Sebastian is giving you the best trades based on these tickers. This is a group effort... so get in the room now!

Looking for real value today? I'm kicking in with a new opportunity that has been overlooked for months. I'm talking about CEO buying... 41% upside... and a rock solid balance sheet.

And Mark is talking about the best way to play gold and aerospace manufacturing... Two big institutional moves last Friday can deliver triple digit gains for you in a matter of days with his low-dollar options approach.

Let's get in the room, everyone. We're ready to trade... LIVE!

Facts. Thoughts. Tradeable Insights. And Gold!

  • Barron's suggests that Gary Gensler is taking a long, hard look at the business model of Robinhood. At the center of a proposed overhaul of the market would be the banning of Payment-for-Order-Flow. Looking for a way to trade this news? I'll break it down during Midday Momentum with two trade ideas at 12 pm.
  • Expanded unemployment benefits expired yesterday. Millions of Americans are about to lose about $300 per week in benefits. The Biden Administration decided not to fight this on Capitol Hill or unilaterally extend those benefits. What's the impact? Get in the room to find out.
  • El Salvador has purchased $21 million in Bitcoin as part of its official adoption of the cryptocurrency as a reserve currency. Is it time to fade BTC after this huge announcement? We'll let you know later today...
  • The number of people who traveled over the Labor Day weekend doubled compared to 2020. More than 3.5 million Americans flew on Friday and Saturday, but that figure was still well below the 2019 total for those two days. What's next for airlines?

Your Schedule for Tuesday...

After Money Morning LIVE, you'll get an additional four hours of live trading. Here's what's on tap.

  • Kenny Glick kicks off the morning with a deep dive into insane names, shows you how to trade the VWAP, and offers you the chance to make a day's pay by lunch. What more can you want? Start your day-trading the right way with the Warlock.
  • Chris Johnson starts at 10:30, and he's targeting the alternative energy space as always. His show The Long and the Short of It gives you two ways to profit. First off, the long-term trends that are starting to generate significant institutional interest... and second, off the short-term trading strategies that can deliver monster returns in the next seven days. Chris will help you identify your own breakout trades in a matter of minutes.
  • Then, we've got Tom Gentile's Trading Team. The secret to Tom's success is in pattern trading. If you want to be successful today... you need to learn from the past. Tom's built a system that recognizes past behavior to identify HUGE breakout trades based on high probabilities. That might sound like a mouthful... but how does a 90% success rate sound? Get in the room and learn how to play a full slate of September news...
  • Andrew Keene then arrives to deliver you a cheap and explosive way to trade options. Combine big market flow and unusual options activity with trades under $1. What you get is a chance to triple, quadruple, or even decuple (yeah, that's right - 10X) your money. If you like fast trading action with a small account, this is your time to trade.
  • Then, I'll be back with Midday Momentum. This is your chance to learn how to trade the biggest news of the day. I take a macroeconomic approach and combine technical and fundamental trading to give you the insight you need to make smart trades. Don't trade the news until you spend 30 minutes with me. I'll show you better trades than what you're hearing in Barron's, CNBC, or anywhere else in the media. Join me here.
  • Finally, we bring you Mark Sebastian. He's going live with a full hour to talk about his favorite ways to exploit the big market players. Mark's Profit Takeover strategy delivers you trades you won't find anywhere else. He's exploiting the big money flows of today's big money traders... and delivering you low-risk, MONSTER-UPSIDE trades.

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