Thursday, September 9, 2021

Garrett Baldwin

Good morning, Money Morning LIVE family.

Futures are down for the fourth straight day...

And when there's growing uncertainty and worries... it's great to have a community of active traders on your side. That's one of the reasons why we built Money Morning LIVE.

Each day, we wake up with you, give you our top picks, offer insight on how to make money no matter which way the futures are headed, and teach you how to manage your trades like a pro.

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After Mark Sebastian's incredible Profit Revolution kickoff yesterday, we'll be diving into his latest trades today on AAPL and PLTR. But we've got dozens of trade ideas coming for you.

There's a trade for every single person of every level of experience.

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This morning, Kenny Glick and I will tell you how to trade the latest news on lumber, housing, Coinbase's latest SEC snafu, and the wild slate of earnings reports...

Cut to: The Warlock Watchlist.

Kenny had another incredible Wednesday of trading, and now he's going to show you his list of crazy stocks that he's been trading since the early hours of Thursday.

Mark Sebastian - the Bad Boy of Options Trading - he's identified a huge trade in the emerging markets, and now is the time to piggyback the institutional money that is moving away from the U.S. markets. Are you ready for this red-hot pick?

Then, Olivia Voz is bringing her signature Volume Profile charts. If you're following and trading earnings, there's only one name that you need to know this morning (and it's not Gamestop).

Get in the room, get the trade, and let's make some money on this apparel giant.

Finally, I'm going to teach you about "mean reversion." Sounds complex, but it's a really easy strategy that helps you identify great companies set to rebound after a small bout of bad news.

I've found an incredible U.S. company that has many catalysts behind it, but just took a small hit recently and has moved into oversold territory. Are you in?


Here's What You Need to Know Thursday

There's a lot on tap today, so I want to ensure you're caught up before we start soon.

Here's what you need to know.

  • China claims that its recent crackdowns on its businesses will help open up the nation to the rest of the global economy. The latest efforts by the government center on limiting the amount of time that children can play video games. This has taken a toll on Tencent (TCEHY) and NetEase (NTES). Which industry is next? We'll tell you this morning.
  • Wall Street banks are again sounding the alarm with "red alert warnings." Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Credit Suisse all issued reports in recent days suggesting a potential pullback in the 10% to 20% range. We'll break down the warning signs and tell you how to profit if the Big Short starts.

Your Schedule for Thursday

After Money Morning LIVE, you'll get an additional four hours of live trading.

Here's what's on tap.

  • Kenny Glick is back to keep the UVXY at bay. He's making up for lost time earlier this week with a fresh slate of crazy stocks that can make you a day's pay. He'll be teaching you to master VWAP for an hour right after Money Morning LIVE - and there just may be a 10:05 AM dance party.
  • Chris Johnson is fully hydrated after yesterday's sick day, and he's ready to take the reins for a full hour at 10:30 AM with his best long & short ideas in this market. Whether you want to snag a smart trade idea from our top quantitative mind - or just stop by to roast "Steve" the Tech Guy - don't miss this hour.
  • And finally... Mark. He's coming back after yesterday's incredible Profit Revolution event to deliver you new trades and new opportunities. Remember, today is the official launch of his Profit Revolution service, and he'll be going private with members today at 2 pm (that's EASTERN, Mark... not Central). So, look for information later on how you can join this incredible new service.

That's your schedule for Thursday. I couldn't be more excited to get started right away.

So, get in the room. Ask questions. Be ready to start trading immediately...

That's right! This is real, live, trading, and it starts RIGHT NOW.

Garrett Baldwin
Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE!