We're LIVE: NRDY By Nature, Golden Chicken's Crypto Strategy, and So Much Mark

Garrett Baldwin

Good morning, Money Morning LIVE family!

We're going live again at 8:30 AM ET to bring you Friday's top trades... and I have good news and bad news.

Let's start with the bad news first: host Olivia Voz and VWAP madman Kenny Glick will be out for today's edition of Money Morning LIVE. I know, I know!

You can still sign up to see Kenny's big VWAP event right here, though - next Wednesday is officially Warlock Day, and you NEED to be there.

And the good news for today? MORE MARK SEBASTIAN. Like, a lot more.


  • Big Money Flow Forever: We have a big edition of Mark's Big Money Flow set and ready to go, covering multiple stocks, including Ford (gross), a stock I've never even heard of called NRDY that feels very on-brand for Mark, and J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS! Plus, Mark will be doing his best Elon Musk impression in an attempt to go viral. You won't want to miss this.
  • Earnings Preview: We've also put together a big bank earnings preview featuring Chris Johnson to get you all ready for the start of earnings season next week! That's right, it's just a few days away, so we'll be passing along what you need to know before these financial stocks start reporting on Wednesday.
  • Investing in Crypto: Then, we'll have Gabe Oropollo back to help those looking to invest in crypto responsibly, while passing along some other info on the digital asset space, as well. Anyone want a Golden Chicken NFT?

And after the premarket hour, we keep the action rolling with a full hour of CJ on stocks, Nick Black's NFT Friday (featuring a Beeple you've gotta see), and a special Friday session with options expert Andrew Keene!


Stop and Smell the Flowers

Remember last week when I somewhat tongue-in-cheek mentioned 1-800-Flowers (FLWS) as a potential holiday season play, given the supply issues in so many industries?

Well, maybe we should revisit this one soon, given how well so many of our "off-the-cuff" picks have done this year. Here's how the FLWS chart looks now.

Chart Description automatically generated
FLWS daily chart (via ThinkorSwim)

You can see an area of support right near the $30 level, and there's even the resemblance of a channel of higher lows and highs recently... we'll keep monitoring FLWS to see if it can revisit its recent highs - maybe just in time for Mark's wedding anniversary next week?!


Talk to you soon!

Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader & Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE!