Warlock Wednesday Starts NOW: All VWAP, All Day Long

Garrett Baldwin

Good morning, Money Morning LIVE family!

Today's the day we've all been waiting for: It's Warlock Wednesday!

(Or "Kensday," as Voz would say - but hey, Voz is off the grid in Portugal again today, so it's MY show! Kind of.)

We're wrapping up our usual premarket hour just a little early today so Kenny Glick can go live for an exclusive, extra-long session to show off the power of VWAP - right when earnings season gets under way.


We're expecting a huge turnout for Kenny's 9:30 AM event, so make sure you show up on time for this party!

And a party it shall be...

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JP Morgan, Delta Air Lines, BlackRock... they all report earnings this morning, meaning they could all be on Kenny's VWAP radar.

Don't miss how he's trading the start of earnings season - and the killer Matrix-approved chart tool & strategies Kenny's using to crush it. Join the show now as we lead into the event.

Non-Kenny Notes...

Yeah, we're going to have some other people on the show this morning, too, like me, Mark Sebastian, Chris Johnson... but we don't really matter as much.

We're just going to be there to tell you how awesome Kenny is. And that's why Kenny's there, too: to tell you how awesome Kenny is.

Outside of today's big VWAP focus, we'll fill you in on what momentum's looking like, some big money flow on Alibaba, and a VIX check-in ahead of earnings season.

Then, after Kenny wears himself out, stay tuned for more insights from digital asset expert Nick Black, the "Kenny Glick of Options" Mark Sebastian, and yours truly to carry you through the trading day.

We're going to have you ready to rock, so join the room now and let's get ready to roll!


Talk to you soon!

Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader & Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE!