We're LIVE! CJ's Back, Retail Earnings, & Voz-ing Up My Top Trade

Garrett Baldwin

Time to trade, Money Morning LIVE family!

I wonder what the major headlines will be today in financial news? Perhaps another EV "rallying" higher? Ah yes...

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This market just doesn't stop... so neither can we! Come trade with us at 8:30 AM Eastern!


What to expect on today's show...

  • Retail earnings: We're getting earnings numbers out of large-cap retailers Home Depot (HD) and Walmart (WMT). We'll dig into the action and see if there are any takeaways not just for trading, but for the broader economy as we head into the holiday season. Ho-ho-ho, Merry Put-Selling!

  • Who's this Chris Johnson guy: CJ is backkkkkkkk! Chris Johnson's joining us to talk some charts and give his own view on the retail sector. Come see which stocks he's eyeing up, or just allow his sweet, sweet voice to carry you away.

  • Voz-ing up my momentum pick: Then I'll be passing along a tech stock that I'm trading for a reversal higher. Then I'm going to ask Olivia Voz to give it her Volume Profile treatment to see exactly what price points I should be watching. Hopefully she doesn't completely crush my dreams.

Grey Swans Anyone?

Those who tuned in to Monday's show got to hear me and Mark discuss what I see as a potential grey swan event over the next year: wheat prices! You can check out that conversation here...

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Wheat prices, baby -- get with it!

More market insight and dumb dad jokes coming up at 8:30. See you in there!


Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader & Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE!