JOIN LIVE: UVXY Panic, My 2 Small-Cap Picks, and Joe Flacco, Baby!

Garrett Baldwin

Time to trade, Money Morning LIVE family!

We're a week away from Thanksgiving, meaning we're entering the stretch run here in 2021. Let's lock in and finish the year with a bang. Come trade with us at 8:30 AM Eastern!


What to expect on today's show...

  • UVXY went green: Kenny Glick and Mark Sebastian are often calling attention to the UVXY, and yesterday it closed in the green. We'll dig into if this is a warning sign for traders.

  • Small-cap Thursday: I'll also be passing along a couple small-cap stocks, along with a put-sell recommendation for how I'm trading one of them. Also I'll try to sucker Kenny into a bet on the Jets. Joe Flacco, baby!

  • Kenny's earnings plays: Then we'll check out what Kenny's actually trading this morning. There are some good names on the earnings front, so we'll see what's on his watchlist. Will he be trading the always popular NVIDIA (NVDA), or does he have some random psycho stock instead?

Chart of the Day

One name we've been watching on the show is Canoo (GOEV). This stock has everything, and by everything I mean a funny name. But it's also in a notable place on the charts, hovering near the $12 level, which was its high back in June, as well as an April bear gap.

Plus, the shares recently topped out near the $12.50 mark, equating to half its all-time high near $25. Kenny told us the market's a giant algorithm... is he wrong?

Chart Description automatically generated
GOEV Chart (Via ThinkorSwim)

Live trading's up now... See you in there at 8:30!


Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader & Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE!