JOIN US: Tom's Black Friday Trade, $9M Uber Insider, & Kenny's Big Party

Garrett Baldwin

Time to trade, Money Morning LIVE family!

The holiday season is upon us, but we still have three days of trading coming up! I know you're hungry, I know you're traveling, but we're going to be here for you to trade through it all.


What to expect on today's show...

  • Tom Gentile's Black Friday trade: Tom Gentile's got something in the oven... a special Black Friday trade that he's feeling awfully comfortable about. Plus, he has a big Bitcoin forecast coming up on his 9:30 AM show, so make sure to stick around!

  • Dollar, dollar bills: Black Friday is one of the biggest days for the U.S. economy, so I'm going to be digging in on the dollar. Where it's come, where it's going, and how I'm looking to take advantage. Be there at 8:30!

  • Insider buying on UBER: Plus, a high-profile Uber (UBER) executive just made a big stock purchase. We'll be discussing what this could mean for the stock and if there are any trades sticking out on the travel stock during the holiday season.



Kenny Glick's throwing a party

You know that if Kenny Glick invited you to a party, you'd be there. Well, today at 4:00 PM ET he's putting on a live VWAP party. He's got some big announcements for all the VWAPians out there - and any prospective VWAPians.

Come join the event to hear about what Kenny's been cooking up... Or just come for the dancing and yelling. Again, that's TODAY at 4:00 PM!

Live trading's up now... See you in there at 8:30!


Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader & Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE!