LIVE NOW: The New ORPH, Mark's VIX Curves, & Big CFO Share Buying

Garrett Baldwin

Time to trade, Money Morning LIVE family!

December's here, traders, and the question now becomes: Will we have a Santa Claus rally, or will stocks continue to slide? We're digging into the numbers at 8:30; come join us live.


Today's show features...

  • The new ORPH?: Kenny Glick has a long list of insane names that he's traded this year, but maybe none more memorable than ORPH - not just for its fun-to-say ticker, but also its completely ridiculous price action. Well, AERC may have entered into that same category (without the fun ticker).
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STOCKS DON'T FALL FROM $100 TO $20 IN A DAY (via ThinkorSwim)

  • Mark's 4-day VIX curve: We also have another chart from Mark Sebastian. He's got a lot of charts, but this one is particularly interesting, because it involves the Cboe Volatility Index (VIX), which has been all over the place lately. Mark, tell us what's happening, PLEASE.

  • My insider Wednesday trade: I got some inside info on what the rich people are doing! That's what I'm here for. Catch today's Insider Wednesday segment toward the end of the show, when I go over what stock I'm checking out today after the CFO scooped up some shares.

Find Options Charts in ThinkorSwim

With the markets being so volatile lately, we've talked about being nimble, maybe not holding as many positions overnight. Part of that process may be trading more options. Tom Gentile recently broke down how to find an options chart in ThinkorSwim, which can be helpful. Check out the video here.

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Get options charts in ThinkorSwim

Live trading's up now. See you in there at 8:30!


Garrett Baldwin
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