Join the Insanity! BKKT Recap, Chewy's Sell-Off, & SPAC Crackdown

Garrett Baldwin

Time to trade, Money Morning LIVE family!

Insane name alert: Kenny Glick had a day trading Bakkt Holdings (BKKT)...

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BKKT 1-minute chart with the VWAP (via ThinkorSwim)

There will be plenty of more big moves coming, including Chewy's (CHWY) sell-off. Jump in the room at 8:30 to see all the action!

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Via Google Finance


Also on today's show...

  • A SPAC crackdown?: News hit yesterday that the SEC could be implementing new rules around SPACs, or the special purpose acquisition companies that have taken the market by storm the past couple years. We'll be discussing this issue and what investors can expect moving forward.


  • Mark's deep dive on options: You know Mark Sebastian is maybe the most talented options trader... on earth? In the universe? Today he's looking at recent speculation around three different stocks. Don't miss Mark's takes on these tickers.


  • Voz's VP by request: Voz iz heeeeeeeeeeere! I'm as happy as anyone to see Olivia Voz back and ready to trade. Drop what tickers you're looking at in chat to give them a chance for the Voz treatment.



What is Beta?

In this recent clip, Mark discusses beta and how he uses it in his own trading.

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Remember that if you want to take your trading knowledge to the next level, Money Morning LIVE Plus is live every day at 1:30 PM ET to analyze how to identify your personalized trading style, and how to execute more complex strategies.

Alright, see you all in the room!


Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader & Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE!