Time to Trade! Quad Witching, Voz's Blue-Chip Pick, and the F-Word

Garrett Baldwin

Time to trade, Money Morning LIVE family!

It's always good when there's some juicy headlines to start the trading week...

Via Marketwatch

THE worst?! I mean, maybe it was one of the top six...

But what definitely isn't transitory is Money Morning LIVE, and it starts now!


On today's show...

    • 24-7 trading: I've mentioned the push for 24/7 trading in equities before, but the talk continues to heat up. We'll be talking more about it this morning, and what it could mean for traders like you.


    • Quad witching week: It's quadruple witching week, and volatility specialist Mark Sebastian will join us to explain what traders need to know with his fancy VIX chart.


  • Voz's blue chip breakdown: Then Olivia Voz will be discussing a blue chip stock during her featured Volume Profile analysis. Make sure you're there to hear which Dow component has her eye.

Chart of the Day

Ford (F) did it. It really did it! And yes, I'm breaking the F-word rule, but Mark does it all the time, so who cares.


Ford chart (Via ThinkorSwim)

The shares broke out of recent consolidation to rise to 20-year highs. It's a Christmas miracle! And Kenny Glick is going to tell us why this one has personal meaning for him... so get in the chat and gather 'round, folks.

Alright, it's time to trade. I'll see you all in the room!


Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader & Executive Producer