Join Us! Pelosi's Picks, A Hot Coffee ETF, and Mark's VIX Take

Garrett Baldwin

Time to trade, Money Morning LIVE family!

We have a HUGE week ahead of us that's sure to give us plenty of trading opportunities. It all starts with Money Morning LIVE at 8:30 AM ET - join us!


Also on today's show...

  • Pelosi's top picks: What better indicator do we have in the market right now than Nancy Pelosi's picks? She's scooping up some call options in one specific sector, so I'm going to check in on my favorite insider buying - Pelosi's Picks! - and try to find some winners of my own!


  • Coffee's hot: We'll also be digesting the recent rise in coffee prices and the ETF you should be sipping if you want a taste of this hot trend.


  • Mark on volatility: Mark Sebastian's working on a Monday... and he brought a chart of VIX futures with him. It's his job to tell us what we can expect from volatility, so that's exactly what he's going to do. (We instructed him not to sing anymore, though - so he probably will anyway.)

Weed on the radar

Last week on the show we talked about the increase in (legal) marijuana sales, and weed should remain on our radar this week with earnings coming out from the sector. Just this morning, in fact, we'll receive numbers from Tilray (TLRY).

Stick with us this week as we cover this space, along with the rest of the earnings releases that'll pick up toward the end of the week.

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Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader & Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE!