Trades Are Coming: Kenny's Epic Day, Mark's Vegas Bet, and "The New Oil"?

Garrett Baldwin

Time to trade, Money Morning LIVE family!

You're with us here at Money Morning LIVE because we're ahead of the big trends before anyone else... like how I've been talking about value stocks making a comeback in an environment of higher interest rates. And now the Wall Street Journal's jumping on board.

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Via Wall Street Journal

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Also on today's show...

  • New oil: We'll be discussing the so-called "new oil" in the technology space. Is this an apt description or just another example of Wall Street trying to sound cool? You can probably guess my response, but hear the convo at 8:30.


  • Kenny's everything day: Monday's trading day had a little bit of everything for Kenny Glick, and you'll never guess... but he's calling it the greatest day in the history of trading. He'll regale us with how the day unfolded and provide us with all the information we need to learn... and some we don't (see below).


  • Smart money targets casino stock: Today's Big Money Flow with Mark Sebastian examines some smart money trades on a casino stock. Mark breaks down how the trader made a smart bet, and we'll force him into having a strong opinion on the stock even if he doesn't want to.

You need to put in the time

If you want to be great at something, you need to put in the time. Maybe you've seen the clip we just posted of how Mark preps for the trading day. It's important because we can start to understand how Mark puts in time before the market opens to be prepared. This is the dedication we want to demonstrate every day here at Money Morning LIVE.

Just look at how we found Kenny Glick putting in extra time to learn a craft that's dear to his heart.

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Amazing work, Kenny

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I'll see you all in there!


Garrett Baldwin
Anomaly Trader & Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE!